Podcast Episode 49 – Downtime in RPGs

In this podcast I’m joined by Lloyd Gyan and Johannes Paavola to chat about downtimes in RPGs. You can find the original uncut version on Twitch: Watch Podcast Live & Uncut: Downtimes in RPGs from RedDiceDiaries on www.twitch.tv The edited version is now available on Anchor: Title Music Shinigami by XTaKeRuX:http://freemusicarchive.org/music/XTaKeRuX/Empty_Grave/Shinigami Used under creative commons […]

Writing a Werewolf Downtime

One of the things that appeals to me about version 2 of the NWOD Werewolf: the Forsaken is that the emphasis of the game has been placed squarely back on the hunt, something that i’ve always seen as being essential to the werewolf mythos, after all what’s the point in RPing someone who turns into a […]