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[RPG] D&D 5E character background – Skamos Sorrowson

By | 14th January 2015

I’m going to be playing in my first D&D 5E game in a few days, it’s a two-shot dungeon crawl inspired by the Tomb of Horrors being run by Rob ‘theSwamper’ Davis and featuring a host of other great players such as Alex ‘Captain Gothnog’ Gillot, Thashif Muran and Sameoldji; really looking forward to it,… Read More »

Did 4th Edition D&D kill roleplaying?

By | 2nd October 2013

To save you worrying, i’ll answer the title question first of all; no of course 4th edition didn’t kill roleplaying. This blog post is a response to Diane Morrison’s blog post: http://geekqueenblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/how-wizards-of-the-coast-almost-killed-their-company-and-how-theyre-saving-it/ Diane requested some input and responses on the G+ Roleplaying Games community, these are my own thoughts on the topic. Now, before I… Read More »

FATE musings: Merged FATE and D&D next

By | 10th September 2013

As people watching my youtube channel may be aware I recently reviewed the playtest D&D Next material that has been released: Whilst looking at the D&D material it seemed obvious to me that the creators of D&D Next had realised that the crunchier rules systems were slightly falling out of favour currently and that a… Read More »