Barroom Brawl Hex Flower

The subject of this post is to provide a fun little mini-game for running barroom brawls quickly in RPGs, this topic was suggested by Jason Connerley of the Nerds RPG Variety Cast and makes use of the excellent hex-flower creations of Goblin’s Henchman.

If you want to know more about hex flowers click here.

Essentially the mini-game works like this, the player party has a number of check boxes representing how long they can stay in the fight, the NPCs involved also have a number of check boxes.

  • The Player party has one checkbox for every player involved.
  • The number of checkboxes for the NPCs varies depending on the size of the establishment – 1D4 for small establishments, 1D4+2 for medium establishments and 1D4+4 for larger places.

Please note: The boxes do not represent the strict number of people nor HP, they are an abstract measurement of how you are doing in the fight.

If the NPC boxes are all checked before the PCs then the player party has triumphed, if the PC checkboxes are filled first then the PCs are all knocked out or subdued.

Please note: This game does not provide guidelines for what happens when the PCs lose or win the fight, that is down to the individual GM and the needs of their campaign, the purpose of this mini-game is to simulate a chaotic, quick, interesting pub brawl.

How to Play the Game

Once you’ve worked out the number of check boxes for PCs and NPCs, place a counter in the middle of the hex below. Each player then takes a turn to roll 2D6 moving the counter as indicated, each time the counter lands in a new space read the description and follow the action given then move on to the next player. Simple.

Hex Flower Key

But what happens if I go off the edge?

Should you dice roll result indicate that you have gone off the edge of the hex then you re-enter on the opposite side, a couple of examples are shown below:

Please feel free to leave comments and constructive criticism either on these blog or via voicemail on our podcast, the episode where we discuss the creation of this mini-game can be found here.

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Many thanks to Goblin’s Henchmen (the creator of the Hexflower idea) for pointing out I’d forgotten to mention what happens when you go off the edge of the hex.


In this Friend or Foe Friday we’re talking about those murderous, blood-drenched fey, the Redcaps.

This monster was suggested by:

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Random Red Shirt Backgrounds

In this episode Hannah has hi-jacked the mic again, we’re out by a campfire in our back garden creating a random table to add some more interest to random extras and NPCs that the player characters might come across in your game.

Random Background Table

Below is the table that we have come up with so far, rolling on each of the columns will give you a very brief description and background element for each random red shirt or hireling you need to define.

1D12 RollDescriptorFromLove/HatesBecause of
1OldLocalFoodAn incident during childhood.
2YoungDistant LandsDrunkenessThat’s how they were raised.
3TallCityMonsters/AliensTrauma from a previous mission.
4ShortCountryTravelReminds them of a lost love.
5LitheCoastMagic/TechnologyAn incident with a friend or family member.
6PrettyIslandFightingOf a misunderstanding.
7UglyMountainsDiplomacyA natural weakness or allergy.
8ConfidentColoniesQuiet MissionsA supernatural curse.
9NervousHomeworldHeatIt relates to a hidden, dark secret.
10CourageousShip RaisedColdOf an ancient prophecy foretelling their doom.
11IntelligentAlien WorldWaterTrauma from a previous mission.
12CautiousMinesHim/HerselfAn incident during childhood.

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Leaving a Game

The start of the week has rolled round and I’m ranting about what I consider to be the right way to leave an RPG whilst Hannah valiantly tries to wrestle me back on topic.

Release the Kraken!

It’s another Friend or Foe Friday and we’re discussing the mighty, leviathan of the deeps, the colossal Kraken.


In this Wednesday Wisdom episode myself and Hannah discuss some of the ways that the rituals surrounding death, burials and graveyards can be used to enhance your game.

As a a bonus below is a table of graveyard superstitions that you can use in your own games, some are adapted from superstitions that were common in the real-world whilst others are made up entirely:

1D10 Dice RollGraveyard Superstition
1Carving the effigy of a skull onto the headstone wards off the attention of Orcus Lord of Undeath.
2Burying a body so that the head faces the direction of the rising sun will prevent them from returning as a vampire.
3If rain is allowed to fall in an open grave before the deceased is laid to rest in it then bad luck will follow the family.
4The spirit of the first person buried in a graveyard is believed to rise and protect both the grounds and the bodies of the other people who rest their, so it was traditional to bury them with small tokens representing weapons to help them fight off any evil that may bedevil the graveyard in future.
5Mourners traditionally wear black and veils to make it more difficult for restless spirits to identify them and follow them home from a burial.
6Flowers only grow on the grave of a person who was good in life, whilst weeds and poisonous flora grow on the grave of a person who committed foul deeds.
7If you hear an owl hoot whilst in a graveyard it is an omen of a future death that will affect you or someone close to you.
8Should thunder sound during a burial ceremony it is the sound of the gates to the afterlife swinging open to admit the spirit of the deceased.
9An iron grave-marker prevents the spirit of the deceased rising after death.
10Victims of murder should be buried face-down to prevent their spectre from rising to seek out their killer.

Below are links to a few websites containing further information on burial superstitions if you’d like to look into this further:

The image used in this article is Halloween Graveyard Grunge by Linnaea Mallette, taken from

Albacon 2020

In this Monday’s episode we are joined by special guest Mark Palmer who is talking to us about the great work being done for Albacon 2020, an online RPG convention taking place on 3rd and 4th October 2020 raising money for It’s Good 2 Give a great charity that provides support for young cancer patients and their families.

I heartily encourage you to visit the website and have a look, I’m hoping to run a game or two for the convention myself and maybe play in some others, it’s for a great cause.

Friend or Foe Friday – Unicorns

In this Friend or Foe Friday episode Hannah and myself discuss that most mystical and fabulous of creatures, the unicorn.

Wednesday Wisdom – Getting the Most Out of Taverns

In this Wednesday’s episode myself and Hannah are talking about ways to get the best from taverns in your games:

You can find some cool tavern generators using the below links:

Band of Blades Session 0 – Part 1

We’re starting up a Band of Blades game following the conclusion of our recent Scum & Villainy campaign, I’m often asked about session 0s and preparing for games and so–with the kind permission of all involved–I’m putting our session 0 on this podcast, splitting it down into a number of episodes.