RPGs with young people

For anyone who has read my previous post and is interested in helping young people get into RPGs or has young people amongst their players, there was an excellent panel hosted by Nate of WasD20 for BrigadeCon2015, check it out ūüôā

BrigadeCon 2015 schedule

For anyone hoping to watch games for BrigadeCon you can click on the link below to see the schedule of games and panels, clicking on the links in the schedule will take you to the videos so you can watch them live or afterwards: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVpAo4rxDGuelRzVWtjUWpWMEk/view?usp=sharing  

BrigadeCon 2015 Playlist

You might be asking what I’m doing up at such a ridiculous time in the morning here in the UK, well I’m up early for BrigadeCon 2015, an online convention with people from all over the world playing games for 24 hours on Google+ Hangouts

“Why so Serious?” – Campaign Material

In addition to my¬†Wild Blue¬†game (you can find the campaign prep material for that here) I’m also going to be running a¬†Werewolf: the Forsaken game at¬†BrigadeCon 2015.

“The Thing from the Hills” – Campaign Material

As you’ll be aware if you follow my facebook, blog and Youtube activity, I’m going to be running a couple of games at¬†BrigadeCon 2015 the 24 hour online convention run by members of the¬†RPG Brigade (now in it’s second year); the first of these games is going to be a Fate Accelerated game set in […]

Characters and handouts for BrigadeCon 2015 Game

As some of you may be aware, I’m running a couple of games for #BrigadeCon2015; one of these games is a Fate Accelerated game set in Brian Engard’s Wild Blue campaign world, a sort of weird-fantasy western with superpowers thrown in for good measure.