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All about Aspects: Guest Post – The Power of Fate Points Compel You

By | 24th March 2016

We have a guest blog post from Lloyd Gyan today, I’ve been in a couple of Fate games with Lloyd and have very much enjoyed his character portrayals, in this article he discusses the power of compels and how to get the most out of them.   The Power of Fate Points COMPEL you! Written… Read More »

All About Aspects: Monstrous Nature as an aspect

By | 23rd March 2016

Monstrous Nature as an Aspect There are a number of famous tabletop RPGs where playing a monster struggling with their humanity is a central focus, as a variant of character race (discussed previously), this could (in part) be handled using the high concept aspect. We’ve explained the basic formatting for our high concept aspects in one… Read More »

All About Aspects: D&D Alignments as an Aspect

By | 18th March 2016

D&D Alignments as Aspects Someone on Google+ I think (I’m sorry I can’t remember who or find the original post) suggested in response to one of my previous All About Aspects articles that the concept of D&D alignments could be used for aspects. Whether you love or hate them alignments have been part of the… Read More »

All about Aspects: D&D Races for High Concepts

By | 16th March 2016

Okay, now we’ve explained the basic formatting that we’re going to use to create High Concepts in this previous post and also discussed briefly using D&D concepts. In this post we look a little more closely at the idea of using the core D&D character races from the PHB as part of a High Concept.

All About Aspects: Fantasy Hero High Concepts

By | 10th March 2016

As we’ve already discussed the sheer amount of choice can be bewildering when it comes to creating aspects, in order to make it a bit easier we’re going to give the high concept a bit more structure in these articles, in-fact I’m going to borrow a concept that I saw first in Numenera. Numenera defines… Read More »

All About Aspects: What is all about aspects?

By | 10th March 2016

The Fate Roleplaying Game SRD (a truly excellent and very useful website) defines a high concept as: [A] phrase that sums up what your character is about—who he is and what he does. It’s an aspect, one of the first and most important ones for your character. Think of this aspect like your job, your… Read More »

Matters of Fate: Viewer Request – Aspects, narrative permission/justification

By | 16th July 2015

James Branch asked whether I could do a video on aspects granting narrative permission or justification for certain actions, here’s my take on it. Fate SRD: http://fate-srd.com/ Audio only version: http://reddicediaries.libsyn.com/matters-of-fate-viewer-request-aspects-narrative-permissionjustification