Writer’s Block

Okay, so I’m sat at work at the moment on my dinner break, still suffering from lack of sleep/sleep apnea (hospital appointment soon) and thinking about some particularly non-exciting work I have to do this afternoon, I’ve also got the first game for a 5E Ravenloft (not Curse of Strahd) game I’m running tomorrow and also my regular LOTFP game to run on Sunday. It’s at this point when the dreaded writer’s block strikes.

I’ve already sent out some basic campaign details for the Kingdom of Angels Ravenloft campaign and I have a fair idea of what my PCs are going to do in our Westhaven LOTFP campaign:

  • Kingdom of Angels: Groups of people who have somehow failed their deity find themselves pulled into a dark realm ruled over by the religious tyrant known as the Pontifex.
  • Rose of Westhaven: The PCs are planning to explore the catacombs below the church in Porthcrawl, they also have been summoned to a meeting with the local Lord at the start of the session.

Writer’s block always annoys me, particularly at the moment when I’m reading more books (fiction and non-fiction), comics and watching more films than I do normally, if anything I should have a surfeit of ideas, unfortunately my sleep-deprived brain doesn’t work like that. So this is what I’m going to do in order to try and beat my writer’s block:

  • Jot down some random ideas that I find interesting.
  • Use these to create a very rough sessions plan.
  • Have a skim through some of my RP books that have a similar flavour to what I want.
  • Have a look at the Big List of RPG Plots.
  • Go through the player character sheets and background to see if there are any threads I can pull on there.
  • Have a scroll through Pinterest and look for some inspiring images.

I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

In the meantime, post in the comments and let me know how you deal with writer’s block, or are you one of the lucky few who never suffers from it?

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

    1. Thanks Rob, think I’ll be okay though 🙂 Have been reading some books and some ideas are gradually coalescing. I think it’s mainly because I’ve got so many writing and gaming projects on the go at once.

  1. Definitely have any medical issues checked out. Physical problems affect mental performance. Also the daily routine in MundaneHorrorWorld (whatever your real job is) will surely make it hard to dream up fantastical things.

    I’ve got writer’s block all the time right now! I don’t seem to have time left over, to myself, for some pure imagination. I am still paper-based, I use a branching note-taking system to design plots and information because it’s easy to add branches and you see the whole thing. When I was good at GMing I ran entire games from these branched notes, except for a few index-cards for the detailed NPC game stats.

    There are some idea-generating things available. Rory’s Story Cubes is a mundane toy with little drawings on the dice-faces to spark storytelling ideas. More specifically for gamers, you can get the GameMaster’s Apprentice cards, which are 60-card decks with 120 sides in all, each card-face organized into areas with a random dice-generator in all the denominations for quiet dice-rolling, the contents of an NPC’s pockets living OR dead, places, random events and random locations. GameMaster’s Apprentice decks come in different genres like Fantasy, Horror, Steampunk, SF and more.

  2. …oh, and the GameMaster’s Apprentice decks include a .pdf for some kind of GM-less game system, basing themselves on random events the cards determine. I did not try that out yet.

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