Whatever happened to the Fate guy?

Chatting with Rob Davis last night, helping him sort out a character for a forth-coming Star Wars one-shot that I’m running and generally shooting about roleplaying games, past campaigns and the normal sort of stuff that RP enthusiasts tend to do when they get together (or chat via the medium of the internet as we were doing), Rob bought up a very interesting point.Β  Up until recently Rob had considered me “the Fate guy” or at least one or them, a person he’d consult if he were having problems with the Fate RPG or wanted some sort of clarification, however, in the last few weeks, I’ve not actually been running any Fate games and have only been playing in Thashif’s Dresden Files game. Most of my GM-ing time and energy has currently been directed towards theΒ Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars system, spread throughout the following three corebooks:

  • Edge of the Empire
  • Age of Rebellion
  • Force & Destiny

This was an interesting point, Rob asked whether I tended to go through seasons with my love of games, had I reached the winter of my interest in Fate and moved on the blossoming spring of Star Wars? I thought about this for a while, even after we’d finished our hangout, and finally have come up with an answer.

No, I don’t think that I have lost interest in Fate.

The way my interests tend to work in RP is that I have certain games I will instinctively reach for when it comes to satisfying a certain itch, and I think that perhaps the Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight has slotted into that nicely as a way of satisfying my occasional urges for space opera gaming. Currently my go-to systems look a bit like this:

  • D&D Style Fantasy: Dungeon World
  • Space Opera: FFG’s Star Wars
  • Anything else with a pulpy feel: Fate
  • Anything else with a horror feel: NWOD

Of course there is a certain amount of being swept up in the fervour and atmosphere surrounding the recent release of Star Wars: Episode VII, but I think mostly it comes down to a limited amount of free-time (the bane of all players and GMs) meaning that, in order to concentrate on running Star Wars to really master the system, it’s eaten into the amount of time I’ve had to do Fate stuff.

Another factor in boosting my enthusiasm for the FFG’s Star Wars game is the Tides of Change facebook community created by Andre Martinez and administered with the assistance of John Poland, a community based around the idea of running games online and trying to get people involved in the games, even if they are not players; their use of a mechanic called ‘Tide Changes’ where each player proposes a plot twist a couple of hours into the game and the members of the community vote on which of them is actually implemented in the game is, in my opinion, a great way to get everyone involved. The community has also been extremely energised due to the recent film and the long-standing popularity of the Star Wars universe.

Don’t worry though, I still very much enjoy the Fate system, Dungeon World and the various other games that are my go to systems, I’m going to be investigating the possibility of doing blog posts, etc for each of my favourite systems on different days, for example:

  • Dungeon World Wednesday
  • Fate Friday
  • Star Wars Saturday
  • I can’t really think of any alliterative option for NWOD but give me time πŸ™‚

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to run or play in games for each of these during the same period of time, but I’m sure that each of them will get a fair crack of the whip πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to the Fate guy?”

  1. I have run into this a bit myself. I tend to get fixated on one system or another for a few months and then I switch to another. For me, it tends to bounce between 5e D&D and FFG Star Wars this year, however, last year it was Call of Cthulhu and cWoD. I don’the tend to try new games very often due to my busy home life with 3 kids to take care of and the amount of time it takes me to really immerse myself in a new system and absorb it. I am hoping to start running one-shots and/or trilogies for both the Tides of Change group as well as the TTRpg One-Shot group in the near future. I have a good command of 5e, but want to get better acquainted with FFGSW before I try running it.

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