What is Adventures on the Outer Rim?

Adventures on the Outer Rim is the umbrella term that I’m using to refer to the loosely linked series of trilogies and one-shots for the FFG Star Wars RPGs that I’m going to be running over the next year and possibly beyond. When I first signed on with the Tides of Change FB group, a community dedicated to running Star Wars games, I read through the community guidelines, they divided games into three categories:

Game Types

The Saga: In Sagas Gamemasters and Players can explore a rich and progressive style of story-line/character development. A Saga is an endless (or long) series of Episodes with the focal point and story-line climax concluding in its final session. This style of play motivates long and dedicated cast of players. (Option: Multiple Trilogies can be used to create a Saga as well).

The Trilogy: A Trilogy is a 3-part series of Episodes with the focal point and story-line climax concluding at the end of its third session. This style of play motivates brief encounter with a cast of players and their characters.

The Episode: An Episode a single session with the focal point and climax of the story-line occurring at the conclusion of the session. This style of play motivates a one-time and temporary cast of players and characters.

I ran an open ended Saga for just over ten sessions, but one of the problems that I’ve always had with campaigns in the past (for various different RPGs) is sustaining long-term interest, there’s always something new and shiny over the hill beckoning my to run a different game and over time the lure of the new is quite hard to resist.

One of the things that I like about the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPGs (although it does make acquiring them quite expensive) is that there are effectively three different games (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force & Destiny) set within the Star Wars universe all focusing on different areas (smugglers/independents, the Rebellion and Force-users respectively). Of course all the games are cross-compatible with a tiny bit of work and judgement, but I like that they each put a different spin on the Star Wars universe.

I want to keep running Star Wars games for the forseeable future so I’ve been putting some work in to prevent me from getting distracted and Adventures on the Outer Rim is how I intend to do that.

So what is Adventures on the Outer Rim?

To put it simply, in 2016 I intend to run a series of loosely connected trilogies and episodes featuring a rotating cast of players and PCs, using all three of the gamelines,  a mixture of three session plot arcs and one-shots featuring different characters that may have some elements carried between them. In addition to keeping my interest it will also give me an opportunity to maximise my unfortunately limited time to run games as well as RP with some new people and run games at different times.

I intend to advertise for players in the Tides of Change Facebook Group, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for my posts, hopefully I’ll see you soon in a galaxy far, far away…

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