The Prince’s Arms

After putting my last tavern mini-booklet on the blog I got some great feedback and some brilliant ideas from people, one of my favourites was an idea from Robert Langford who suggested a tavern with a sinister motive. So without further ado, I present to you the Prince’s Arms.

4 thoughts on “The Prince’s Arms”

  1. This is a great post, as are the ones leading up to it. The content is good, but more than you show in a couple of different formats how much you can do in only a couple of pages. Adapting these examples, you could do a lot of different places consistently in just two pages. In reviewing other parts of your blog, I find again things like your Tavern Name generator, amongst other good tools. So much as I dislike twitter, it was a post there which reminded me I hadn’t checked out this blog in a while. Glad I did. I think my version of word is a lot older than yours, so, but when I get some time I might have a go at creating my own template along the lines you’ve demonstrated.

    1. I used your tavern name generator and a few other earlier posts to get some inspiration for my Into the Odd game start up. It now has a war going on in the north…so this fits right in. And, what setting couldn’t do with a few more pubs and taverns and inns.

      1. My thoughts exactly, the tavern is so ubiquitous to the fantasy roleplaying game, although I do plan to do some other stuff now I’m becoming more comfortable with the template I’ve created 🙂

    2. Thanks very much, the layout is inspired by Old School Essentials and The Black Hack that make strong use of bold layout choices and two-page spreads containing all the details you; I’m sure there are probably much better programs than Word 2013 to design this in, but it’s a program I’m familiar with and wanted to concentrate on the content rather than grappling with mastering new software. My intention is definitely to expand into covering other stuff using a similar layout, also to potentially do some larger booklets with the booklet being broken down into a series of 2-page spreads (so for instance, if I was doing a village, each notable building might get a 2-page spread). Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the posts, if you do produce some stuff using your own version of the template let me know, I’d love to see it 🙂

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