The Cask & Bottle

I’ve been tinkering around with layouts for future RPG PDFs I might like to make using Word 2013, yes I know it’s not exactly a publishing power-house but it’s a program I’m comfortable with.

To test out one of the layout templates I’ve made I decided to create a simple tavern, a simple two page A5 PDF providing some details on the Cask & Bottle tavern in the fictional town of Tadbury. I wanted to put it on the blog to see what people thought of it and get some (hopefully constructive) feedback.

I’ve been chatting with Hannah and–in the future–we’re considering doing taverns as a two page booklet with the front cover being a picture of the tavern exterior and the back page containing a map. This would free up the interior two pages for some more game-able content.

You can download the pdf using the link below:

An updated version of this can be found here :

The image from this post was adapted from the following:

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