D&D Artwork

We had some lovely feedback from Rob, AKA Menion of the podcast Confessions of a Wee Tim’rous Bushi and also he pointed out an error in some of our previous podcast episodes:

Dear John & Hannah, Just a quick note (and possibly a pedantic one) on the art from 2e Monstrous Manual. First, please note that none of the art used for 2e was produced in the 70s or 80s (the edition didn’t come out until 1989). Interior art from 1974-1988 would have been black and white, and up until around 1980 or so, TSR only printed covers in color – and even then usually using only three colors – due to cost (see the original prints of the modules that came out for 1e AD&D). When originally published as the Monstrous Compendium (using a binder format) in 1989, the interior art was done entirely by Jim Holloway in black and white. When MC was reorganized and issued as a hardback in 1993, the artists that you mentioned were used to replace Jim’s work with color pictures. IMO, Jim Holloway is superior to that of the version now available. Anyway, love the stuff you and Hannah are producing.

Menion (AKA. Rob) from Confessions of a Wee Tim’rous Bushi

We just want to thanks Rob for pointing this out to us, I’m certainly no expert on the art of D&D but it’s fascinating to find out how these things occurred.

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