Characters and handouts for BrigadeCon 2015 Game

As some of you may be aware, I’m running a couple of games for #BrigadeCon2015; one of these games is a Fate Accelerated game set in Brian Engard’s Wild Blue campaign world, a sort of weird-fantasy western with superpowers thrown in for good measure.

The setting is one of my favourites for Fate and I’m looking forward to running it again, my last session in the campaign world featured Rob Davis (who is also playing in the BrigadeCon game) and Alex Gillott, it was broadcast online and you can see it below:

That session was over two years ago, far too long a time to be away from the fantastic campaign world that is Wild Blue, so it has to be my choice of a game to run for BrigadeCon, although I switched from Fate Core to Accelerated just to make the game a little bit more rapid and easy for people new to Fate to get into.

I’ve just posted the a number of overlays for the players to use during the hangout:

wild blue overlay - adline starkey




wild blue overlay - ambrose walton





wild blue overlay - daniel jenkins





And have also made the pre-genned character sheets available to the players, I’ve kept them in text format so that they are easily accessible to all players no matter how high or low-tech their computers are:

I’ve just got one more character sheet/overlay to complete (Jake Larose, played by Vladislav Ustinov) and then a small map/hangout for the ranching town of Edge Hill, I’ll post links to them here once they’re complete.

Although this game is now full you can find out more details by going to the facebook event page or by checking out the official BrigadeCon2015 website.

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