Appendix N (additional)


Since writing my Appendix N post discussing a book I’ve been reading concerning the Georgian era (you can read the post here), I’ve also been searching for maps and other interesting things related to the same era on the internet and thought I’d highlight a couple of the more interesting websites that I’ve stumbled across:

This wikipedia page covers the aforementioned map, a huge piece of work that was nearly ten years in the making. It’s well worth a look, with the page showing the entire work split into panels, each of which can be zoomed in on individually.

A very cool site that allows you to look as a couple of older maps, overlay them with more modern versions and various datasets that have been collected, crimes, hospital coverage, poor relief, etc.

A site that focuses on the locations featured in various Regency-era novels, some of the mapping links on the site are no longer functional but there is still some very interesting information on it.

Part of a site concerning London in general, this section provides thumbnails of various different old maps of the City and also links to where the full maps and further information can be found.

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