Quick NPC stats for NWOD

As many of you may be aware, I’m currently prepping a Changeling: the Lost one-off game; I’ve just got to the point in my planning where I’m starting to actually put the stats down for the NPCs.

One of the things I like about Fate (okay look, I’ve done well, I got a whole sentence out before I mentioned it ;)) is that important NPCs are genned up like normal characters, but minor characters have a quicker method of creating NPCs where you basically note down a couple of descriptive terms for them and then jot down a few things they are good at and a couple they are bad at. Everything else they are considered to be average at.

I wondered whether this could be applied to NWOD; the corebook defines attributes and skills like this:

oo Average


So for the game I’m running (certainly for minor NPCs) I’m going to use the following dice pool ratings:

Bad at: dice pool 2
Average at: dice pool 4
Good at: dice pool 6

This should hopefully allow me to quickly create some minor NPCs without needing to have a cribsheet for them all.

Example NPC:

Corrupt Beat Cop
Description: Uphold the law, willing to look the other way for the right incentive.
Good at: Shooting, driving
Bad at: Resisting a bribe, working out when they are being tricked, resisting mental coersion.
The NPC will be assumed to be ‘average’ at anything not mentioned in the above description (dice pool 4).

2 thoughts on “Quick NPC stats for NWOD”

  1. For years I’ve used something I read in one of the Vampire the Requiem books (can’t really remember which one): “Concept Skills Recipes”. According to the book, it’s supposed to make the process of putting dots on the sheet more interesting, helping to marry concept to stats.

    Each recipe assumes a small but specific spread of dots intrinsic to a character model, while not painting the entire picture, but instead providing a jumping-off point. The recipes presented in the book are composed of only three stats: one stat at four dots, one at three, one at two, and Specialties could be used to further enhance those.

    Among the samples from the book, you find:
    • False Oracle: Subterfuge 4, Empathy 3, Expression 2
    • Gang Lieutenant: Presence 4, Streetwise 3, Firearms 2
    • Mad Scholar: Occult 4, Wits 3, Stealth 2
    • Paranoid Hacker: Computer 4, Politics 3, Larceny 2
    • Political Firebrand: Expression 4, Brawl 3, Politics 2
    • Religious Zealot: Manipulation 4, Persuasion 3, Academics 2
    • Wheel Man: Drive 4, Wits 3, Firearms 2

    Having said that, I must say I like your approach better.

    1. That sounds very interesting Sérgio – I’d be interested to know what book that’s in so I could read into it further; my own approached is adapted from the mook rules in Fate Accelerated and assumes an average level of ability unless the NPC is specifically noted as bad or good at.

      I’ll be used it in my C:tL one-off this Saturday so we’ll see how it goes 🙂

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