Fate Star Wars Idea

I’ve recently had the good fortune to play in a Dresden Files Accelerated game using the preview rules that Lloyd ran, I very much enjoyed it; one of my favourite bits of the game was a mechanic dealing with a new type of condition that effectively acted as a power pool for some of your other abilities, each one normally came with a condition that you could tick to refresh your pool at the cost of gaining some sort of longer term complication or disadvantage. I’ve been thinking about how this could potentially be used for Star Wars in Fate:


Check one of your Force Sensitivity boxes to create and use a stunt on the fly or make a roll to perform an impossible action that is justified by the Force, you recover Force Sensitivity at a rate of one box per session.

Unique Condition – LURE OF THE DARKSIDE O

Check this box to instantly uncheck all of your Force Sensitivity boxes, however, you gain an Aspect representing that you have given into the darkside that remains until Lure of the Darkside is unchecked, once this box is checked you may not recover boxes of Force Sensitivity until you have either given in to the Darkside or redeemed yourself as determined by the GM, be prepared to spend at least a session doing this.


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