Star Hex Space Layout

I’ve been giving some more thought to my forthcoming Star Hex campaign while I was sat on the train this morning, and have decided a few things about the game in terms of the background and rules.

Background Stuff

  • Although exploration of unknown space is going to be one of the main–if not the main–themes of the game I still want there to be some known space with established stellar empires, but with some conflict so that the players can do odd missions where their ship is called home or has to deal with diplomat missions.
  • I’ve loosely come up with the following main stellar powers in known space:
    • A miltaristic empire: think Klingons crossed with Orcs.
    • A ruthless dictatorship: Romulans crossed with Drow.
    • The ostensibly good Federation that the PCs belong to: founded by three main species, humans, a more combat capable force and a combination of vulcans/elves.
  • On my very rough sketch map I want to have known space divided into three sections.
    • Orcs = red.
    • Drow = green.
    • Federation = blue.
  • The Elves/Drow were originally part of the same Empire, their society is based around the religious idea that their species is one of the eldest in the galaxy.
    • The Elves took this to mean they should be teachers and shepherds of the younger races.
    • The Drow took this to mean the other races should serve them.
  • When the Elves chose to join the Federation, seeing that it could be a positive force for change, the Drow Empire claimed their independence and for a time warred on the Federation.
  • At the beginning of the campaign there has been an uneasy peace existing between the Federation and the Orcs, the Federation and Drow have a non-aggression pact and the Drow and Orcs are at war.
  • By the terms of this accord there are corridors of neutral or buffer space between the Empires and each is supposed to stick to exploring it’s own slice of the galaxy.

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    1. Thanks very much Bryce, I don’t have any current plans to make Star Hex available as a supplement, ATM it’s just my idea for a crazy Star Trek style campaign using OSR rules- although if it’s popular then releasing some content is certainly an option for the future 🙂

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