Initial thoughts for Star Hex

We’re coming up to the finalé of our Dungeon World campaign this week, my plan afterwards is to have a couple of weeks off and then make a start on the next campaign. I’ve been very much enamoured of all things OSR (except THAC0) recently and used some elements of the good, old-fashioned hex crawl in my Dungeon World campaign, so it seemed only natural that I should continue down this path with my next campaign. I don’t want to jump straight into running another fantasy game so close on the heels of Dungeon World so I decided to turn to science-fiction (or science-fantasy depending on your definition), influenced by the fact I’m reading a lot of White Star at the moment.

I’m already running a Star Wars campaign, so I wanted a game that focusses on a different aspect of science-fiction, what better I thought than something with a more exploratory vein? This works well with the idea of an interstellar hex crawl and also means that I can draw on series like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica for inspiration.

Although I’m not going to be putting anything concrete–beyond a few blog posts, making a FB group and sounding out a few potential players regarding their interest–until I’ve finished Dungeon World, I haven’t been able to help but start jotting down some basic ideas.

In terms of rules:

+ Mainly the White Star core rules.
+ Ascending Armour Class.
+ Flip Saving Throws so they become roll + mod to beat a target rather than roll under.
+ Add a roll + mod skill system.
+ Use something like species traits out of Machinations of the Space Princess for aliens rather than classes.

In terms of the background:

+ Some sort of Federation that the players belong to.
+ A long-range exploration vessel that the command/control.
+ A couple of opposing or antagonistic star empires nearby.
+ At least one big space-graveyard linked to a historical space battle.
+ Large swathes of unexplored space for the PCs to explore.

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