Even the Corpse of a Never-realised Campaign can have value

To set the scene for this post, up until recently I was planning on running a White Star campaign called Star Hex, the idea was to do a sort-of Star Trek inspired campaign using White Star and the Five Year Mission supplement; we got as far as doing a session 0 and starting to generate characters when (unfortunately) changes in my circumstances meant that I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time running RPGs. Since I’m already running a Star Wars game the only real alternative for myself was to cancel the Star Hex game; this is unfortunate since I was looking forward to it, however, it looks as those–besides my Star Wars campaign–I’m only really going to have time to do one-shots in the future.

I’ve got a few ideas bubbling away for one-shots and I’m going to be running games on demand with Lloyd Gyan and some others (think of them as 2 hour taster sessions) where I’m going to be running Fate and PbtA at UK Games Expo 2017. It’s something different to what I’ve done previously so I’m looking forward to that, I’m also thinking about creating a facebook group for those who have played or are interested in my one-shots so that I can keep people informed.

I did a fair bit of work for the Star Hex campaign, and it’d be a shame to abandon it–there may be some stuff in it that I use or adapt in future–so I’m going to put it all into a Google Drive folder and make it available here.


One thought on “Even the Corpse of a Never-realised Campaign can have value”

  1. RPG writing is never lost; bits and pieces can be placed somewhere else.
    In Fate Core there is a 3rd-party game called STARSHIP TYCHE which billed itself as similar to a certain TV series with the serial numbers filed off. There were also a lot of supplements of episodes similar to that certain TV series. Did you consider using that?

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