Shards of Light & Shadow

Shards of Light & Shadowis one of two occasional/monthly D&D 5E games that I am running. The main campaign begins in March 2018 with a world-building session happening in February. Games will be taking place once a month, on the second Friday of the month, running at 19:00 UK time for 3-4 hours with the sessions being uploaded to my YouTube channel shortly afterwards.

To try something a little different with this campaign, rather than me–as the GM–simply presenting a campaign world to the players or using an existing supplement, we ran a world-building session using a cut-down version of the Microscope RPG. This allowed us to create the world’s history as a group, I’ve used this history/outline to flesh out the world a little on these blog pages and we will develop it more in play.

You can find the Microscope created timeline here.

The games will be run using a combination of Skype and Roll20.

Campaign Material

The Heroes

Once the campaign begins a link will be provided here to view a list of the characters.

Session Summaries

When the campaign begins written session summaries will be made available here.