Shards of Light & Shadow: Session 1


  • The Dark Elf Sallow meets the Half-Orc Lokku and challenges him to a mock-duel to take his measure, although Sallow wins the duel the two are fairly evenly matched and a mutual respect begins to form.
  • Meanwhile in the town of Liberty an aged Gnome storyteller by the name of Orryn Roondar adopts a young halfling called Valor Silvertongue as his “squire”, Valor is happy to go along with this since the old Gnome’s stories are entertaining and he keeps picking up the bar tab.
  • They all meet by chance in the Knotty Pine Inn and get to talking and start travelling with each other.
  • The group chances across a bedraggled Half-Orc known as Darfu, who is scratching a living in the mud and dirt of Liberty, he tells them that sometimes he provides information to Camelac of the Protectors1 and that the old man has been looking for some people to investigate rumours of Dark Orcs in the woods to the north of Liberty.
  • Meeting with Camelac they agree to investigate the matter for him.
  • Travelling to the north of the city they interrupt a deal between bandits and a pair of Dark Orcs in one of the many ruined villages that dot the area.
  • The bandits are providing resources to the Dark Orcs in return for a supply of Dust2.
  • After dealing with them the heroes discover that the bandits have a hidden lair in an old stone well, they take two of the bandits as captives and block the entrance to the well, realising that they are already injured and can’t deal with an unknown amount of robbers.
  • They plan to take their prisoners back to Liberty, rest and return, hopefully before the rest of the bandits can clear the well and escape.

You can find the video actual play of the session here.

  1. The Protectors act as the guard of Liberty. 
  2. A terribly addictive and eventually lethal drug made by mixing dark crystal shards with Black Lotus juice.