Shards of Light & Shadow – Races

The only races available to play in this campaign are:


  • Elves
  • Humans
  • Half-Orcs
  • Dwarves
  • Halflings
  • Gnomes

Please check this page for the sub-races that are permitted.

There are many races who call the world of Shard their home. Some of them were created by exposure to the source of either light or darkness at some point far back in history, while others are a result of social and physical divisions.

The Humans, Hin, Dwarves and Gnomes collectively refer to themselves as the Free People following their rebellion and subsequent liberation from the Dark Orc Empire. In the eastern portion of the continent many of their kinsmen still toil in under the lashes of cruel masters.

The following races are available as characters in the Shards of Light & Shadow setting.


The Elves were the oldest and wisest of the races on Shard and were originally entrusted with the Source of Light and Darkness, they guarded it for many years until it was stolen by primitive human tribes. Many years later when the crystalline forms of the Sources were shattered the Elves–who had an innate link to them–were likewise split into two different races reflecting both Light and Shadow.

Ljosalfar (Sun Elves)

Common names for Sun Elves:

The Ljosalfar or Sun Elves were born from the Source of Light, their physical beauty and intelligence is a result of this, although they can be unforgiving of the failures of others, with some becoming cruel and cold like sunlight in winter.

The Lojalsar have spent untold eons learning to tap into the magic that flows through the veins of every sentient creature on Shard, their mastery of it allows the mightiest Elven mages to weave great works of natural magic, veiling their crystal cities from the eyes of outsiders. However some amongst their number believe that since the Sundering of their race into two halves their light has diminished and they will soon fade from the world. The eldest Elves accept this with resignation–believing that all things pass in time–whilst the youngest of the Sun Elf families rail against their fate, determined to make their mark on the world.

To create a Sun Elf use the stats for High Elves from the D&D 5E PHB.

Dokkalfar (Moon Elves)

Common name for Moon Elves:

The Dokkalfar or Moon Elves were born from the Source of Shadow, there dark grey skin and preference for dark places reflects this. Moon Elves are extremely beautiful but this is balanced by a thirst for secrets/forbidden knowledge that often corrupts their hearts, turning them cruel and vicious.

Like their cousins the Sun Elves, the Dokkalfar are a fading people, their souls divided by the Sundering of their race into two halves. However, whilst many Sun Elves accept this fate as a part of the natural order, the Moon Elves most certainly do not; each of the Moon Elf families that compose their society are dedicated to pursuing a particular method of restoring their people to their former glory. When a potential new method is discovered, the Dokkalfar who discovered it takes a group of disciples and creates a new family dedicated to exploring their new method.

To create a Moon Elf use the stats for Drow from the D&D 5E PHB.


Common Human names:

Humans are one of the more populous races on Shard, although their days of founding great empires seem far behind them.

To create a Human use the Human stats from the D&D 5E PHB.


Common Half-Orc names:

Orcs were originally created when human treasure-hunters were exposed to the Source of Darkness, their forms and minds were twisted into brutish and savage warriors. Many years later when most of their race had fallen under the sway of Nazarick the first Orc Warlock becoming known as Dark Orcs, a single tribes was able to break away from enslavement, focusing on martial prowess and meditation to purge themselves of their dark impulses. These grey-skinned rebels became known as Half-Orcs, originally an insult from their fallen kin, they now wear the name as a badge of honour.

To create a Half-Orc use the Half-Orc stats from the D&D 5E PHB.


Common Dwarf names:

Dwarves are excellent miners, toiling in their great stone halls beneath the earth. They seldom venture above ground (finding the daylight uncomfortable), relying on their reputation as artificers and smiths to bring potential customers to them.

To create a Dwarf use the stats for Duergar or Mountain Dwarf from the D&D PHB. Dwarves live in great ancestral clans, characters using Mountain Dwarf stats are those who live nearer the surface whilst those using Duergar stats make their homes deep in the lightless depths of the earth.


Common Hin names:

The Hin were originally Dwarves who were exposed to the Source of Light during mining excavations, purged of their greed, avarice and other dark impulses the Hin abandoned their isolated lifestyle and moved to the surface, living amongst other races and becoming a common sight on Shard. The Hin generally live in family groups, sometimes travelling in large caravans exploring the world and trading with those they meet along the way.

To create a Hin character you may use either the Lightfoot or Stout Halfling stats sub-races from the D&D 5E PHB, a character with the Stout stats is closer to the Hin’s original Dwarven heritage, although the Hin themselves do not discriminate between the two.


Common Gnome names:

Gnomes are exactly two similar but unrelated races, the Forest Gnomes are believed to be related to the ancient Elves that existed prior to the sundering, the Forest Gnomes themselves have ancient legends that describe how a single family of Elves chose to sacrifice a great portion of their physical and mystical power in an attempt to escape the Sundering. Following the event they found they had succeeded but had been reduced in stature but had retained some of their natural mysticism, they aided the Hin during the time of the Rebellion and now seek to act as defenders of the natural world.

The race known as Rock Gnomes were once a great Dwarven family that became obsessed with invention, progress and new technology. This obsession lead to them being seen as eccentric and shunned by their traditional kin (although the two weren’t above trading with each other when the need demanded), the Rock Gnomes barely noticed as they searched for their next great invention. Over the hundreds of years they eventually became a distince species.

To create a Gnome PC for the game you may use either the Forest or Rock Gnome stats, Rock Gnomes are descended from Dwarves and are entirely unrelated to Forest Gnomes who–if legend is to be believed–can trace their ancestry back to the ancient pre-Sundering Elves.