Shards of Light & Shadow – Present Summary

This page is a summary of the state of the world of Shard at the beginning of the campaign.

It is only in recent history that an alliance of Humans, Hin, Gnomes and Dwarves threw off their enslavement at the hands of the Dark Orc Empire. Although the Orc Empire is far from defeated, the western portion of the continent has been largely liberated with the aid of the Court of Light 1, the eastern portion of the continent remains under the demonic grip of the Dark Orcs and their warlock masters.

The Court of Light 1 has formed an uneasy alliance with the Grey Knights 2 to help protect the hard-won Freelands from the clutches of the Dark Orc Empire. However the Orc Empire is not the only danger abroad in the world, the crystals of Light and Shadow have been shattered3 into thousands of pieces and dispersed throughout the land, their magic seeping into the creatures and the very landscape, changing them for good or ill.

There are those who believe that the crystal shards can be harnessed and used as weapons against the Empire, however, it is also known that Warlock, Vampires and Necromancers seek them for use in dark rituals.

  1. The faded remnants of a once proud order created by an amalgamation of the Orders of Dawn and Celeste, originally created to guide the source-incarnate Celeste. 
  2. An extremist group of knights and warriors dedicated to freeing Shard from evil, no matter the cost or collateral damage. They receive their orders from Glimmer, a mysterious priestess. 
  3. The essence of the Crystal Sisters was freed during the Shattering, allowing their spirits to ascend and become the twin goddesses of Shard, Celeste and Twilight. The two goddesses balance each other perfectly and are unable to interact with the world directly. The freeing of their essence shattered the power of Light and Darkness into crystal shards and scattered them across the land.