Shards of Light & Shadow – Liberty Town

The town of Liberty was known as Arzudh during the Orc occupation of the area, it is believed that–prior to this–the town may have been an Elven outpost. It is difficult to verify this since the occupying Orc forces destroyed much of the ancient architecture that was once in this area, partly out of sheer love of destruction and also for the raw materials that their Empire desperately need. One thing is certain though, strange ruins and odd creatures are often encountered in the area around Liberty, some whisper that those Elves who once lived in the area conducted strange arcane experiments and dabbled with demons, however, this may just be the mistrust that some of the races hold for the Elves 1 after they retreated behind their spells and (mostly) did not help overthrow the Dark Orc Empire.

Liberty is an odd mix of ancient stone buildings, remnants of Orc fortifications and newer buildings erected since the Free People were liberated from the Dark Empire. The southern edge of the town is protected by the remains of a large stone wall that once encircled the entire town; during their liberation Hin and Gnome saboteurs destroyed the northern portion of the wall.

The river Estmere flows through the centre of the town, it was once crossed by two bridges but one of them now lies in ruins. The remaining bridge has become known as the Mourning Brother 2.


Liberty is ruled by Bugweard Harper, a member of the Light Court 3. Bugweard is a holy warrior of the Light Court and was instrumental during the liberation of the town and it’s people, unfortunately he was severely injured during the attempt and–although still a charismatic leader–has never recovered his physical strength.

Although not a huge fan of the Grey Knights 4 Bugweard recognises their service during the liberation of the town and allows them to remain in Liberty as long as they respect the law.


Liberty has a population of approximately 4000.

73% Human
2% Elves
5% Dwarves
10% Hin
10% Gnomes

Inns & Taverns 5

Liberty is home to three large inns and about a dozen taverns.


  • Sweet Liberty 6
  • The Knotty Pine 7
  • Rydor’s Honour 8

  1. During the other races attempts to free themselves from the Dark Empire, the Elves were pre-occupied with the conflict between the Sun and Moon Elves and did not get involved. 
  2. People seldom have reason to refer to the ruined bridge, when they do they sometimes call it the Fallen Brother
  3. A religious order formed from Orders of Dawn and Celeste, originally to guide and train Celeste. 
  4. A group of religious extremists prepared to go to any lengths in the service of wiping out the darkness, although some say that they are almost as bad. 
  5. An Inn is a place that sells alcohol but also provides meals and rooms. Taverns only sell alcohol, they may provide some small snacks but do not generally have rooms for rent. 
  6. Known simply as “Sweets” by the locals. 
  7. Named after a particularly twisted and ancient tree that grows next to the tavern. 
  8. A Hin owned tavern named after Rydor the Brave who gave his life helping to destroy the fortifications to the north of the town so that liberation forces could enter.