Shards of Light & Shadow – Heroes

This is a list of the current heroes active in our game.

Orryn Roondar

Gnome Paladin – Level 1
In his youth Orryn read of heroes and heard tales of those fighting for freedom and justice. In his adult life he gave up those ideas. He settled down and became a brewer, taking after his father’s profession. Orryn never found time for a wife, none of the women he met ever lived up to the classical tales of the princesses and maidens. He eventually amassed a little wealth and began collecting things that reminded him of the stories he had heard. Soon age began to catch up with him. He would find himself more often than not dozing under a tree with a story in his lap, or nodding off in his collection room while staring at “armors and weapons that belonged to champions”.

One day just before his 312 birthday, he decided that it was his time. He was going to live out his dreams of being a hero or at least go out like one.

He took a few items from his collection and left the rest in the care of his kin folk and despite their warnings and dissuading he set out for a life on the road, to rescue damsels and slay foul beasts.

Orryn had always been a pious man. Serving those who served the light and he could see no better way to complete his life story than to take up not only mantle of Champion of the People but also that of the Shard.


Drow Paladin – Level 1
Sallow’s family were mostly warriors and duelists, training in sword combat. When the split happened, they started trying to incorporate the Dark Source’s power into their techniques with unpredictable results. Sallow was involved in one such ritual which gathered so much power that it very briefly opened a gate into the Shadowfell. The shards they were using exploded, killing or horribly deforming most of the ritualists and embedding pieces of the shard into Sallow, while the powers they summoned caused such trauma that he nearly broke.

Sallow is the name he took after the fact, fleeing his home – dropping his family name like that probably marks him as an exile in Dark Elf society. He still has the shards embedded in his sword arm which enhances his swordplay and grant him access to magic, but the shards have an instinctual and malevolent intelligence.

His goal as of the campaign is to learn about the powers of Light and Dark so that he can either remove the shards without dying or gain more control over their power. While he definitely has the build of an elf – with all the advantages such physical beauty would provide – it’s clear on first glance that Sallow has seen things that still horrify him.

Sallow’s house was House Obsidian – named for their tendency to edge their blades with the mineral. They would often wander the world more than most elves, and were renowned for arriving in a new town or village, finding people who are accused or victims of a crime, and standing as their champion. They usually didn’t care whether the person was actually guilty or what they had done; they mostly wanted an excuse to perfect their duelling art. In a few cases family members took opposing sides.

They were generally quite well liked, usually selling arms extremely cheaply (as the swords were a means to perfecting blacksmithing), but general opinion is very mixed. They sold weapons to both Orcs and rebels, defended unjustly accused victims and murderers, and generally could be considered unreliable in their allegiances but trustworthy in their words – in other words, you didn’t know what side they’d take (usually both) but they’d never betray their word.


Half-Orc Barbarian – Level 1
During the time that the rebellion is going strong beating back the orcs in the west, in a tiny half-orc village hidden in the mountains two sons are born Shrad and Lith. Being part of the ancestral line of the great hero Scold they are trained from birth to control their inner rage and use it as a weapon against the Dark Orcs. Being twin brothers they were always competitive growing up but Shrad was always the one that won being slightly stronger than his brother. Lith was always trying to find an edge over his stronger brother and before their come of age trail he was convinced by one of his old toy soldiers that spoke to him to put the toy in the heart of the village and perform a small ritual to gain more strength.

His brother was suspicious while they were both hunting a great beast to prove their worth as Lith was beating him at every challenge and managed to take down his hellhound faster than Shrad. Lith was so full of rage and triumph over his kill he jumped onto his brothers hellhound and killed that too. It was at this point their heard the screams and cries coming from the direction of their village and saw the burning light reaching up to the sky. Lith realised straight away what he had done and was frozen in fear, Shrad then also connected the pieces and realised his brother had betrayed them to beat him. At this point Shrad succumbed to the shadow and with hate now fuelling him he leaped at his brother. The fight was over quickly as Lith didn’t put up much of a fight wanting the pain to end with his own death. Shrad easily defeating Lith picked him up and throw his limp body off the cliff. With pure darkness in his heart he returned to the village joining the demons that had destroyed it. But Lith wasn’t dead, maybe the cursed blood of his grandfather kept him from slipping away or maybe it was the light shard that was sent out by Saluni to find heroes that fated him to land into the river Estmere and wash down towards Liberty town and possibly his redemption.

Valor Silvertongue

Halfling Rogue – Level 1
A young Hin1 rogue who is nimble-fingered and stealthy of foot. He has been adopted by Orryn as a potential squire, a part that the young Halfling is happy to perform knowing that–in serving Orryn–he serves himself.

  1. Hin is the name that Halflings give to their own people, although most other races refer to them simply as Halflings.