Coinage in Our Smoke & Snow Game

As some of you may be aware, I’m going to be starting an OSE game in the next month (session 0 scheduled for the week after next as of time of writing), the game is going to be loosely based on the Colonial America time period and set in a New World of sub-arctic temperatures (think Northern Canada). Amongst the various things I’ve been considering (rules for blackpowder firearms, hex-crawls, etc) I’ve also been thinking about coinage. I’d love to be able to have something a bit more flavourful in our game but don’t want it to make things too difficult for the players or to have to draw up new cost lists for things.

A couple of nights ago whilst reading some material on hunting in preparation for the game it occurred to me that perhaps animal skins could be used as the defacto currency for the setting, with larger animal skins being worth more.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense, and–after some discussion with Johannes–I settled on the following:

Type of PeltValue of PeltAbbreviation
Great Pelt1GPGP
Small Pelt1/10GPSP
Crude Pelts1/100GPCP

There are a few plus points in doing this:

  • The abbreviations and values for the pelts are the same as the traditional D&D money so it should be easy for players to grasp.
  • I don’t have to re-write the price lists.
  • It adds a bit of flavour to the setting and also gives a reason for finding “money” on corpses; the plan for the campaign is that it is going to be monster like but there will be lots of savage animals, so when the PCs get the “money” from the animals it’s actually the pelts.

There’s still some things I’ll need to work out, like how what pelts you get from an animal and how this relates to the standard treasure types found on non-animal monsters, but I like the idea and think it could add something to the game.

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