CBP Worldbuilding #1 : Genre & Setting

This is the first post using Angeline Trevina’s book 30 Days of Worldbuilding (available on Amazon), the book provides 30 prompts/exercises to help guide world-building.

Day 1: Genre & Setting: in the first prompt the author advises us to describe the genre of our world and write a brief description of it.

Colonial Blackpowder


Colonial Blackpowder will be a mixture of Gunpowder Fantasy and Historical Fantasy; although the campaign world I intend to create won’t be a strict re-creation of Colonial American history, it will be strongly influenced by it.


The discovery of the New World has lead to many of the Human kingdoms of the Old World sending colonists and explorers in search of new resources, they are joined by deported criminals, religious exiles fleeing persecution and others. Along with the Humans come the Uruch, a race with a once rich history of shamanic worship and legends, beaten in war by the Humans and enslaved, much of their history forgotten.

But the New World is not unoccupied, ruined Ziggurats and idols dot the mountains and jungles of the new continent, inscribed with the legends of the Eld and their Gods who came from the stars. Although most Eld left with their gods, some outcasts remain, drawing on the sustaining energies of their holy sites, energies that prove ruinous and corrupting to others.

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