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Red Dice Diaries has had a presence on Youtube for over three years and has produced over 900 videos; these are handily organised into playlists for your viewing convenience:

Videos on the Red Dice Diaries Youtube Channel

General Tabletop Discussion

Matters of Fate

A series of videos attempting to answer common questions about the Fate system and provide advice for running it.

Three Stages of a Game

I go through the three stages of a campaign games and provide some tips for handling each of them.

GM Tips

General advice for GMs when running RPGs.

Player Tips

General advice for players when participating in RPGs.

RPG Bugbears

Some of the things that occasionally grind my gears about this great hobby of ours.

RPG Reviews

Reviews of various RPGs that I have encountered on my journey through this wonderful hobby.

Campaign Actual Plays

Smoke & Snow

An Old-School Essentials campaign; the ice-floes have retreated from Valkonnen, the long-abandoned, frozen, ancient homeland of the civilised races, now many seek to re-colonise the land.

This is one of the current bi-weekly campaigns that I’m running.

Damascus Sector

In a far future patterned on many of our favourite sci-fi properties, a rag-tag group of mercenaries, pilots and mystics seek to make their fortune whilst staying ahead of the dastardly Dominion. Run using the White Star system.

This is one of the current bi-weekly campaigns that I’m running.

CSI Midderlands

A Midderlands game set in the city of Great Lunden, a group of heroes attempt to unravel the cause of the mysterious Laughing Plague in this Castles & Crusades campaign.

Castles & Crusades game set in and around the city of Great Lunden.

Rose of Westhaven – Season 1

A LOTFP game set in a fantasy world based loosely on the English Civil War, we follow the fortunes of a group of smugglers turned adventurers. More campaign information is available on the blog here.

The first season of our current campaign, ran using a house-ruled version of the LOTFP OSR system by James Edward Raggi IV.

Rose of Westhaven – Season 2

Ten years have passed since the end of Season One and a new King sits on the throne. To combat the rise in devil worship and pagan practices, the Church of Westhaven sends forth hunters and crusaders to restore order.

Our currently running campaign, using the For Coin & Blood OSR system by Alan Bahr

Skyless City Jadepunk Campaign

In this campaign using the Jadepunk system by Re-Roll Productions, a small group of Jianghu attempt to topple the corrupt regime of the 13th Governor, will they triumph or be ground to dust beneath the heels of this faceless bureaucracy?

Star Wars: Terror on the Outer Rim

A group of bounty hunters and assassins become embroiled in secret government plans and find themselves drawn into the machinations of a decrepit Hutt crimelord.

Star Wars: Adventures on the Outer Rim

Continuing from our previous campaign, this is a series of loosely connected trilogies and one-shots taking place in the wider Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Heart of Darkness

This Edge of the Empire campaign charts the (mis)adventures of a criminal cell working for the Zann Consortium, with the Empire pulling out of the Kastelar Sector to work on their rumoured super weapon, various factions struggle to fill the power vacuum.

A very enjoyable campaign to run that eventually halted due to it reaching a natural conclusion, changing schedules and my own waning interest in GM-ing the FFG Starwars system.

Mike LaShambe’s Heart of the Empire Campaign

An Age of Rebellion game that I am playing in: a small cell of Rebels escape from the Imperial attack aboard Hoth in a stolen Lambda class shuttle, this campaign follows their adventures as they attempt to reconnect with the rebel fleet.

A great campaign that unfortunately fizzled out because of unavoidable real-life issues.

Three Brothers

A fantasy-based D&D campaign set in the world of Talamh, once enslaved by the Gith.

An eight session or so campaign, my first attempt to run 5E and–although I’ve since enjoyed playing 5E–for some reason (at this point in time) it didn’t speak to me as a GM, although I have since tried a couple of times.

Dungeon World Campaign

A self-contained mini-campaign charting the efforts of a group of adventurers attempting to halt a supernatural sickness spreading through the land.

One of the most enjoyable campaigns I’ve run and rounded off with a satisfactory conclusion.

Storm & Sail

Another mini-campaign (and one-shot) set in a fantasy, age of sail setting, this time using the Fate System. In-fact these games lead to myself and Lloyd Gyan releasing the setting and rules additions as a PDF, available from Drivethru RPG.

One Shot Games

Individual game sessions that I have run and played in.

Empire of the Hyena

A short-lived attempt at running a 5E game with a radically different background and mix of races.

Unfortunately, due a decrease in my free-time I had to make the regrettable decision to postpone this campaign indefinitely.

Shards of Light & Shadow

Another short-lived attempt at running a 5E D&D campaign with a group-created setting made using Microscope.

Unfortunately–as with Empire of the Hyena–due to my decreased free time I unfortunately had to cease running this campaign.

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