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Red Dice Diaries has has a presence on Youtube for over three years and has produced over 900 videos; these are handily organised into playlists for your viewing convenience:

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A LOTFP game set in a fantasy world based loosely on the English Civil War, more campaign information is available on the blog here.

In this campaign using the Jadepunk system by Re-Roll Productions, a small group of Jianghu attempt to topple the corrupt regime of the 13th Governor, will they triumph or be ground to dust beneath the heels of this faceless bureaucracy?

A group of bounty hunters and assassins become embroiled in secret government plans and find themselves drawn into the machinations of a decrepit Hutt crimelord.

Continuing from our previous campaign, this is a series of loosely connected trilogies and one-shots taking place in the wider Star Wars universe.

This Edge of the Empire campaign charts the (mis)adventures of a criminal cell working for the Zann Consortium, with the Empire pulling out of the Kastelar Sector to work on their rumoured super weapon, various factions struggle to fill the power vacuum.

An Age of Rebellion game that I am playing in: a small cell of Rebels escape from the Imperial attack aboard Hoth in a stolen Lambda class shuttle, this campaign follows their adventures as they attempt to reconnect with the rebel fleet.

A fantasy-based D&D campaign set in the world of Talamh, once enslaved by the Gith.



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