Random Things you might see in a rough part of town

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, when you need some inspiration just roll a D20 and consult the table:

1Two rough looking individuals are standing over a terrified and much smaller figure, you hear one of the thugs mentions something about money whilst the other one cracks his knuckles menacingly.
2A gang of youths is attempting to lever open the grimey window of a pawn-brokers using a length of metal.
3A figure wearing a rough hewn cloak of a dark fabric hurries down the street, hood pulled low to diguise their features.
4There is a clattering sound as an emaciated dog roots around for food in the rubbish and tin cans that line the sides of the street.
5A man wearing a hat pulled over his face, walks past a member of the town guard, as they pass you see the glimmer of gold passed between their hands.
6Two members of the town guard hassle a poor merchant, making veiled threats and references concerning his work permit.
7A minor criminal is confined in the stocks, locals pelt him with rotten fruit and vegetables, jeering.
8One of the characters feels a small hand dip into their pocket, as they look down they briefly see the face of a young child, the thief runs off clutching the character's coin-purse.
9A man wearing clothes that look a good deal more respectable than his surroundings is selling a dark coloured purple powder to a number of customers, he claims that they boost innate magical powers and that since he likes the look of the PCs he'll even give them a free sample.
10The symbol of a local gang or crime syndicate is crudely daubed on a bare patch of wall in white paint.
11The body of a dead man lies in the gutter, his neck has a livid read mark on it attesting to the fact that he was strangle by some form of garrotte.
12A man wearing little more than rags picks through the rubbish strewn in the streets, turning over detritus with a long stick as he looks for something salvageable to sell.
13Two men step out of a dark alleyway, one of them menacingly swinging a cudgel, they demand money from the PCs or violence will follow.
14A tattered wanted poster pinned to the side of a derelict building has a striking resemblance to one of the PCs, the criminal is wanted for theft and murder.
15Somewhere nearby a mangy alleycay shrieks and then nimbly disappears over the rooftops.
16A group of street-urchins follow the PCs pestering them for money, if the characters give them a few coppers then the children gleefully run off to spend their pennies.
17A man wearing a long, beaked plague doctors mask walks slowly down the street pushing a cart full of bodies, people scatter to avoid him and make religious signs with their hands.
18A couple of streets away someone screams for the guards, shouting that they have been attacked, their is no reply though.
19A grim-faced town guard walks the streets in this run-down part of town, one of his investigations proved inconvenient to his superiors and he has been given assignment in this lawless neighbourhood as a punishment.
20There is a scraping sound as a man wearing a peg on his nose scoops up horse dung from the sides of the street with a shovel, he bags it up in hessian sacks and then heaves the reeking cargo onto a groaning excrement piled cart that has the faded text Scrimscon and Sons Prime Fertiliser stencilled onto it.

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    1. Yep, afraid so, most of the Random Things articles (with the exception of the D&D Trinkets tables) have 20 options on them, since the articles were originally inspired by my playing of D&D 5E it’s one dice I guarantee most D&D GMs will have handy.

      As for the 15 characters minimum I honestly don’t know, I assume that it’s a default setting in my WordPress, probably some sort of anti-spammer measurement.

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