Random Things you might see in a market place

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, when you need some inspiration just roll a D20 and consult the table:

1The stall owner is selling a number of rare and exotic creatures not seen in the local area. The area surrounding the stall is filled with the noise and chatter of the caged creatures.
2One of the PCs spots an item that was recently stolen from them onsale on the stall.
3The produce available on the stall is obviously not at it's best and has begun to go mouldy. The stall owner has attempted to disguise this, obviously hoping to offload the sub-par goods while he still can.
4A group of children are playing a game in the street in-front of the stall, the game seems to involved jumping in and out of chalk drawn square. The stall owner is not happy about this and is attempting to shoo away the children.
5The owner of the market stall is loudly bellowing out the prices of his wares. He seems to be engaged in active competition with another stall-holder situated opposite him, the two man attempting to drown each other out with their shouting.
6A small patrol of town guard walk nearby, at which point the stall owner immediately empties most of his goods into a burlap sack and seems intent on making himself scarce.
7The stall sells a variety of strange fruits and vegetables from foreign lands. Some taste delicious whilst others look and smell absolutely foul.
8The area erupts in shouting as a local urchin steals something from one of the stalls. Several merchants give chase, shouting for the town guard.
9The market stall sells strange charms and talismans that seem to be made from bric-a-brac, wax and wire. The owner of the stall swears that his charms bring good fortune to those who possess them.
10Clothing is for sale on this market stall although it seems not to be clothing suited for the local climate. However, several locals are intrigued by some of the fancier clothing that has very elaborate embroidery.
11This is stall appears to be deserted, however, there is a man stood across the street watching it. When anyone pays particular attention to the empty stall the man makes a note on a tattered piece of paper.
12A variety of baked goods are for sale on this stall. The smell of cinnamon and other spices fills the air.
13Huge wicker baskets line the streets alongside this market stall, the baskets are full to the brim with exotic and pungent spices bought from far afield. The price of the ingredients is high but they seem to be in great demand, particularly with those who wish to display their wealth.
14An unfortunate minor criminal languishing in the stocks. Locals jeer at the unfortunate man and throw half-rotten vegetables at him.
15A priest of a local god is giving a loud sermon at the far end of the market. A small crowd has gathered to listen to the dire warnings and prophecies of this holy figure.
16A flatulent horse, tied up at the edge of the market place breaks wind loudly. A couple of the merchants nearby complain and attempt to cover their noses and produce with cloth to protect them from the odour.
17A local entrepreneur is selling meat pies from the back of a wooden wagon at very reasonable prices. Some of the other stall owners remark on the quality of his meat, although it may just be professional rivalry.
18A trader has a variety of brightly coloured weapons, armour and other items on his stall, each of them has a complicated name calligraphied on to a parchment placed under the item. The objects are advertised as magical, but there does not appear to be any magical aura over the products themselves.
19A merchant packing up for the day accidentally spills his coin-purse and the market descends into chaos as people scramble for an opportunity to grab the loose coins.
20A small herd of cattle is being shown off in the centre of the local marketplace. Farmers are looking at them for breeding stock whilst butchers size up the herd for slaughter potential.

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