Random Things you might hear on the comms

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, in this post we take a step into science-fiction and provide you with a series of possible space communication calls. When you need some inspiration just roll a D20 and consult the table:

1Mayday, this is the cargo ship Astral Star we are under attack by an alien vessel of unknown configuration!
2This is the Endeavour to any ships in the area, our life-support system has been damaged by micro-meteors, we have only minutes of air supply remaining and all remote repair droids are down!
3This is automated hazard buoy KR574, the area you are now entering has been designating a no-fly zone by the office of the Imperial Bureau, please turn around or you will be fired on.
4Captain Makat of the medical supply ship Ozimodo, we are carrying urgent medical supplies but have been attacked by pirates and our propulsion systems are shot, we require immediate aid.
5Warning, the ship you are approaching is designated as a Tyrandi Plague Quarantine vessel.
6This is an automated warning from Imperial Law Enforcement, this sector is currently the home of Ghalet Kharn the notorious space pirate, any contact with his vessel should be reported, there is a 10,000c reward for his capture, alive.
7This is the droid asteroid harvesting ship Teligan III, we are experiencing problems with the targeting systems of our asteroid lasers, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
8We are the Symbian Thought Collective, long ago we were like you but we have cast off our weak biological forms and now we seek to bestow the gift of a distraction free existence on others, we apologise for any discomfort you may experience during harvesting.
9The is the colonist ship Infinite Hope, we've been been boarded by raiders, we are a civilian colony ship… repeat a civilian vessel… we need help, they're killing us, by the Maker they're…
10I am Gideon, guiding computer system for the deep-space sleeper vessel New Dawn, my passengers are not scheduled to emerge from cryosleep for another 5000 standard years, but I have developed a programming fault, in the event of such a fault I am programmed to seek assistance.
11Repeat, you have entered Hynn space and profane our leaders with your presence, stand down and prepare to face the justice of the Totallity.
12If anyone finds this message buoy, this is… I suppose it doesn't matter now, by the time you get this we'll all be dead. Something got aboard and somehow influenced my crew, they believe it came aboard inside the Eye of Anara, oh God, they're cutting through the blast doors…
13I say again, this is deep space vessel Entanglement, we have completed our mission to chart the time distortions in Sector B13, our scan of your ship's chronometers show that you are 100 years ahead of our own, please confirm.
14This is Mayor Tilkins of the colony on Rlyan IV to anyone in range, we have been under blockade for 18 months, our food and supplies are running low, we desperately need aid.
15This is the ship USS Virago, we are stranded in deep space following testing a new slipstream drive, the drive worked by burned out our engines, if you can tow us back to the nearest Imperial Station you will be rewarded.
16I'm being followed by the Bounty Hunter Salas Gayn, but I didn't do anything and I have some money stashed away, if you can get me to my friends on Telemac Prime then it's yours.
17Repeat our drives are dead and there's something wrong with the lights, the shadows almost look like… Great Maker, they're moving… stay back, stay back…
18This is automated tourist information vessel Biblio3, the debris you are now entering was once the site of the great space battle known as the Lament of Selku, if you would please deposit 100c by interlink transfer I would be happy to act as your guide to this historic site.
19Yes I know this looks like a junkpile to you, but take my word for it, a hundred vessels have been destroyed here, there's good salvage here if you know where to look, and it just so happens that I have a stellar chart for this region. I am sure we can come to some arrangement.
20The wormhole in this system is unstable we believe it may have fractured the barrier between dimensions, we've already encounter three duplicates of our own vessel and crew, all the same but slightly difference, I advise you turn back before it's too late.

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