Random Things: Village Tavern Rumours

Tavern Rumours

What could be a more archetypal RPG scene than a group of adventurers re-grouping in an isolated village tavern, to plan their next move and soak up some local flavour? Below is a D10 table of random rumours that a PC might hear at a tavern, these rumours may lead to further adventures down the road or are perhaps just talk.

1The local baron or lord seldom ventures outside his manor nowadays, there are rumours he has contracted a strange illness.
2The faerie folk are said to gather in the local woods on certain nights of the year, their entry and departure from the mortal world is marked by small circles of mushrooms.
3A local man was found dead recently in a stream, mauled by some sort of large animal.
4Bandits have recently begun to prey on local farmsteads.
5A foreign merchant has moved into the area and begun buying up all off the wool produced locally, he claims to have invented a new process for dyeing the material.
6An animal at a local farm recently gave birth to young with a twisted human face.
7The people of a neighbouring village have been seized by a strange dancing sickness, there are fears it will spread.
8There are rumours of a zealous witch-hunter travelling the area, burning Magic-Users he claims are in league with demons.
9A local man claims to have caught a fish that could speak the common tongue.
10A pack of particularly savage wolves is menacing the local shepherds and their flocks.

Thanks to André Martinez for suggesting this idea.

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