Random Things to Find in a Tomb

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, when you need some inspiration just roll a D20 and consult the table:

1A variety of colourful spiders (some possibly poisonous) crawl amongst the bones and thicking webbing in the tomb.
2It appears as though someone has recently ransacked this tomb, a number of coffins are broken open and the dust has been disturbed.
3Dust hangs heavy in the air, creating a hazy film through which the flickering sunlight passes. The air in here smells stale.
4The corpse of a man long dead but clad in clothing more modern than the tomb itself lies on the floor a crossbow bolt lodged in his chest.
5A trail of footprints made in the thick dust and moss crosses the floor of the tomb to the far wall and then the prints disappear.
6A gentle breeze that smells faintly of the sea emerges through a crack in one of the tomb walls.
7The bodies in this tomb have been entombed according to some ancient tradition, each body is mummified and laid to rest in elaborately crafted sarcophagi resembling their occupant.
8Ragged black and brown rats perch on top of the coffins, chewing on bits of bone and scraps of cloth, they regard the PCs through shining yellow eyes.
9There is an eerie tittering sound from further on in the tomb, perhaps it is just the wind or maybe the tomb isn't as unoccupied as previously thought.
10Bare footprints that resemble a humans, but clawed, ragged and stained with dirt criss-cross the chamber.
11A series of urns each containing the ashes of occupants who could not afford a luxurious coffin line the stone shelves of the tomb.
12Through a hole in the ceiling a pencil thin beam of sunlight falls onto the centre sarcophagus illuminating an ancient script.
13A worn but recognisable statue of a dragon takes centre-stage in the tomb.
14Two skeletons are propped up in full armour near the entrance as though guarding the dead.
15The roots of a tree long-ago broke through the decaying walls of the tomb, winding through the coffins and entangling the bodies within.
16A great warrior is laid to rest here, along with all of the warriors who died with him in his final battle, their equipment with them.
17A huge stone gateway is built into the wall, although the entrance is painted black it goes nowhere, symbollising the entrance to the second world.
18Prayers to the gods have been delicately carved into almost every stone surface in the tomb.
19The tomb is an ossuary where the dead do not lie in coffins but are built into the very walls of the place.
20A series of perforated pipes is built into the walls, when the wind blows in a certain direction musical notes are produced.

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