Random Things that might let you know someone or something has been here before you.

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, when you need some inspiration just roll a D20 and consult the table:

1A series of rough footprints filling with rain water are pressed into the cloying mud.
2A slimy trail of dark grey ichor snakes across the cobblestones.
3The door infront of you has been smashed off it's hinges. It must have happened recently, the tool marks on the door are still fresh.
4A demented cackling emanates from the darkness beyond you.
5A crumpled piece of parchment containing a rough map to the entrance lies in the dirt as though discarded in excitement or fear.
6The body of a human, a knife protruding from it's back lies face down on the floor. One of the corpses hands is stretched forwards as though reaching for the nearby archway.
7The undergrowth has been smashed carelessly aside as someone hastily moved through the area.
8Deep imprints of horses hooves can be made out in the soft soil.
9Someone has sketched strange runes in an unfamiliar language around the entranceway. The stub of remaining blue chalk has been discarded just inside the threshold.
10A rope has been thrown across the ravine, making a crude but secure bridge of sorts.
11Fresh blood is splattered across the cobbles and furnishings in the chamber. The marks made by some sort of clawed feet that have padded through the blood head away from the scene of carnage.
12The remains of a makeshift camp and fire litter the clearing, the embers from the far are still warm to the touch.
13The body of a dead man lies face down in a pool of dark, brackish water. A discarded empty canteen lies by his side.
14Crude effigies or figures have been constructed from straw and branches. They are lined up facing the entrance as though to guard it or ward people off.
15A broken tripwire leads to a spent dart trap concealed in a nearby stone wall. There is no sign of the traps potential victim.
16A section of the ceiling has collapsed near the archway leading from the chamber. Small pieces of stone are still falling, but the largest appear to have been cleared creating a small hole through which the archway can be accessed.
17The furnishing within the chamber are covered in a layer of thick mucous that is warm to the touch.
18Broken spiderwebs hang from the support beams of the room. Some of them are singed as though burnt with a torch.
19A fresh torch that gives a flickering amber glow has recently been placed in one of the rusty metal sconces affixed the the walls.
20A huge pile of books is scattered haphazardly on the floor, as though someone were searching for something.

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