6 thoughts on “Random Things: Tavern Name Generator”

  1. It’d be nice if your generator didn’t overwrite the last thing it came up with. “Clicking” 5 times to generate a good list of 5 titles you can see would be a good improvement, IMO. Sometimes I might only use the ‘best’ – often though I’d be interested in the best 2-3, or all 5 if they seemed fine.

    1. I will have a look to see if this is possible with Perchance site that I’m using, I’m still exploring how to use it, I didn’t write it myself so I’m not sure how possible (or not) this is.

    2. Hi Alistair, I’ve had a poke around and have now made it so you can select for a number of results to be generated, have a look and let me know what you think.

      1. One word: COOL!

        Maybe it is just us, but in generating a set of characters to try out Into the Odd, well: we wanted a good set of pub names where all the characters could have met up, and then where they could meet their contacts. Or recruit replacement henchmen (sorry, ‘companions’). This makes it dead easy to get a good list of tavern names.

        1. I’m really liking your random generators! Particularly the ones that give me a list of results, or which accumulate re-rolls. I can generate quite a bit of background and inspirational details to work from here for my campaign. Much appreciated.

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