Random Things: Smuggled Cargo

I’ve recently been designing a random encounter chart for Porthcrawl the current base of operations in our Midderlands LOTFP campaign, at the moment it’s a fairly basic chart containing entries like 1D6 villagers on their way to church or 1D6 vendors preparing stock for market. I’m planning on expanding it in the future, but one of the entries talks about villagers moving smuggled cargo/goods so I thought I’d put together a quick table for determining what type of goods they were moving.

To determine what goods are being moved roll 1D6 on the table below.

Please note: Each of these would benefit from a bit of elaboration by the GM, nor do they apply specific game mechanics.

1Crates containing 2D6+2 bottles of beer (1-2), 2D4 bottles of spirits (3-5) or 2D6 bottles of wine (6).
2Crates containing of 2D6+2 pouches of tobacco.
3Container containing 2D6+2 weapons, either melee (1-4) or ranged (5-6).
4Container holding 2D6 doses of drugs. The specifics are left to your campaign but generally high-addictive hallucinogens.
5Crate containing 2D6 doses of medicinal herbs and supplies.
6Smugglers are trafficking in people or other humanoid slaves, if this is illegal in your setting then they have their victims hidden nearby and are seeking to make contact to arrange later pick-up.

My plan is to expand on this chart with a series of sub-charts in the future to define, what sort of alcohols, drugs, etc.

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