This page will contain the different series of podcasts created by Red Dice Diaries.

  • Matters of Fate – Audio series taking a closer look at the mechanics and processes of the Fate Core RPG.

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  1. Really digging your Matters of Fate series! I’m always looking for new resources to share with my players. Have you had a chance to play FAE? If so, what do you think about the Approaches vs. Skills from Core?

    I see you take requests! Well, I’d find it quite helpful if you made a video about Approaches. It’s a hotly debated mechanic, one I find quite interesting. The general debate is about whether Approaches are too loosely defined. I’m interested to see what you think.

    I, for one, feel like it is much harder to attack and defend with say, Sneaky, than Forceful, but it is easier overall to Create an Advantage or Overcome using Sneaky. Some disagree and find the game too easily allowing players to use their best Approach for everything.

    Anyway, I was just curious about your thoughts on the matter and would love to watch a video about Approaches.


    1. Thanks very much, yes, I’ve played Fate Accelerated a lot, in-fact it tends to be my preferred build of Fate; I think approaches are more general and reflect how you do something rather than what you do. IMO approaches do require a bit more buy-in from players and can be open to abuse (the oft-cited example is off someone using forceful to do almost everything); however, with a good group of players they allow a game to start very quickly and IMO place more of a focus on the narrative than the traditional skills of Fate Core.

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add it to my list of Fate videos to do 🙂

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