Starting my Megadungeon Design

This post is about an ongoing campaign, so if you’re one of the players in my Rose of Westhaven LOTFP campaign please stop reading now.

Seriously… stop reading now.

Okay, so since this campaign is the first real OSR game that I’ve ran (unless you count some very early WFRP that I ran years and years ago) and that dungeon-crawling is a big part of the whole OSR dealio, I wanted to try and include that as part of our new campaign. I’ve been reading a lot about mega-dungeons recently in particular on the following website:

Jeff has some really great stuff about his Vaults of Vyzor mega-dungeon campaign on there and has kindly answered questions posed to him about the campaign.

After reading some stuff on Jeff and other blogs (such as I’ve decided to roughly sketch out a sideways drawing of my mega-dungeon, plotting out the distinct areas and some of the connections between the first three levels.

This is what I have so far and I’ll be putting up more posts as I do more prep:

2 thoughts on “Starting my Megadungeon Design”

  1. Silly question, what do you mean by Megadungeon? It appears that some of the underground areas are connected but not all. Is it just the fact that there’s more dungeon than surface? Or are you planning to make it connect further as you go deeper?

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