Campaign Kludge: Claw Horde


The Claw Horde is a large tribe of Trolls and Ogres who have enslaved many of the Goblins that lurk in the Upper Middergloom below Greater Lunden. The Horde worship a huge, crab demon known as Klipoth and make their lairs in an area of caverns full of pools, turned salty by nutrients from the rocks.


The Horde is lead by a large troll named Gac Tuskhand, Gac is a large troll mutated by prolonged time spent in the Gloomium tainted ‘Mother Pool’ where the Horde keeps it’s bone and chitin shrine to Klipoth. Gac has armoured skin and one of his hands resembles a dark green crab claw.

Relationship with Other Factions

The Claw Horde raid the hovels of the Savage Mountain Goblin clan, taking them as slaves, they attack the 13th Legion when they can but are superstitious of the dead things and largely avoid them.

Claw Horde view the Spawn of Yicnathrurh as traitors, something of a religious war is brewing since the Horde believe that the Tentacled Horror who commands the Spawn is a false god seeking to steal worship from Klipoth.


  • Troll FAM/67
  • Ogre OSR/208
  • Goblin BXM/21

Pets and Associates

  • Giant Pill Bug OPU/87
  • Fire Beetles BXM/8
  • Carcass Crawler BXM/10
  • Crab dogs TNU/327
  • Gloomcrabs MEXP/155
  • Giant crabs BXM/12

Aims & Goals

The Claw Horde’s eventual aim is to see the Great Thameswater flooded so that their god can rise to rule over the surface world.

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