Three Brothers Gazeteer

For those of you who read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’ve just started work on preparing a campaign world called the Three Brothers to run a regular D&D 5E game in, the world is essentially one that was taken over by the Gith and all the people enslaved, one hundred years before the campaign began, three individuals (an elf, dwarf and human who came to be known as the three brothers) lead the people in a rebellion that saw the Gith being cast down and the races freed.

I like to give the players some background information in my games and a bit of world history, this was a bit tricky since I want discovery to be a major theme of the campaign, so I didn’t just want to blurt all the information out but needed to give them enough to get started. In order to do this I’ve produced a gazetteer, a sort of small booklet containing some basic setting information, this has already been updated a few times thanks to suggestions from my prospective players and will no doubt continue to be tweaked.

If you’re interested you can find the gazetteer here:

The maps for this campaign were produced using the excellent hexographer and hex templates from the Welsh Piper website.

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