Clarence J. Murdock – Dresden Files Character

Dresden-Files-RPG-V1-V2As you’ll probably be aware if you’ve read my recent posts, we wrapped up my Jadepunk Campaign a short time ago, Thashif has stepped up to fill the timeslot and is going to be running a Dresden Files game, alternating with my FFG Star Wars campaign. I’ve played a little bit of DF but not a great deal and have only just actually acquired the books and am avidly reading my way through them, it uses a version of Fate that is a pre-cursor to the Fate Core rulebooks. It is easy to see places where the game was streamlined and tweaked between this version of Fate and Fate Core.

Coincidentally, if you need a visual aid regarding the different editions of the Fate RPG, then the diagram below should help:


Thashif is running his game set in 1950s New York; I toyed with the idea of playing a Knight of the Fae Court, a mortal chosen by either the winter or the summer court of faerie to act as their champion/agent in the mortal world; however eventually I was drawn by the Scion of a Power template, effectively this a catch-all template that allows you to create someone who is not entirely human and then select various different supernatural powers to represent the non-human side.

In discussion with Thashif today I’ve created a character concept, Clarence J Murdock (or simply Murdock as he prefers to be known) an American of Irish descent who ended up living on the streets after fleeing an abusive family, after a failed kidnapping attempt by a strange cult and being caught stealing, he was taken in by the New York Police Department where he was lucky enough to be adopted by one of the policemen. Murdock later joined the police himself and found himself forced into a Faustian bargain to bring down a vicious drug lord, now he has a demon trapped in the back of his mind, always looking for a way out as he tries to help people as a PI, the worst thing is that sometimes the demon’s abilities are useful, and sometimes Murdock even thinks it might be right.

The fully version of the background can be read here:


When the session are broadcast you will be able to watch them on Thashi’fs Youtube channel:

One thought on “Clarence J. Murdock – Dresden Files Character”

  1. Hi, thought you might like to hear from the real Eamonn Murdock (well ok, I got two n’s).
    I don’t have a son named Clarence but I have been known to drink too much 🙂

    Anyway, just thought I would say Hi from Dublin. Wishing you every success, Eamonn (with two n’s).

    Come to think of it, here is a lighthearted letter I had published in the Irish Times some time ago……..two n’s I tells ya…TWO N’s! 🙂

    Madam, – Last week I presented my taxi for the new “suitability test”, a new test, which is in addition to the annual (for taxis) NCT.
    I was surprised to be told that two faults had been discovered which unless they were rectified rendered my car unsuitable as a taxi.

    The first fault was a missing N. This missing N was the second N in my Christian name, Eamonn, and it had been mislaid in the Regulator’s office.
    This meant that my ordinary driving licence, my taxi driving licence, and my tax clearance certificate all referred to Eamonn Murdock,
    but the taxi regulators records referred to Eamon Murdock, a dreadful conundrum for sure.

    When I protested about the loss of my second N I was told that I could be a “totally different person”.
    This worried me as I have no desire to be a totally different person and I thought it best not to press the matter.
    Phone calls were made, a change of name form (usually used by newly married women who have opted to take their husband’s name)
    was filled out and returned, and after a few days the missing N, or one very similar was located, captured, and returned to keep its
    more faithful partner company behind the O in my name.

    This left the other “fault” which rendered my otherwise perfect Mazda 6 unsuitable.
    The roof sign, the two yellow sections and the blue “TAXI” section should all be the same size.
    My offside yellow panel was a full three inches shorter than the nearside yellow and blue Taxi panels.
    This outrageous state of affairs had pertained for the past 10 years and no one noticed the danger to the travelling public posed
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    My experience has left me wondering if the lunacy which has seized this country at a macro level is working its way through the system to
    the micro level. If it is, we are in even more trouble than we realise. – Yours, etc,


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