Rose of Westhaven: Heroes Past & Present

Rose of Westhaven: Heroes Past & Present

Heroes are few and far between in the land of Westhaven, but they are desperately needed.

Main Campaign

Our current party roster consists of:


Odhran Moluag (Cleric 3)

Odhran is a bull of a man, standing well above the average height of his oft-malnourished fellows. He exudes an eagerness that ventures into mania occasionally. He is by nature lively and good-natured.

Having been initiated into the priesthood of Dagon, Odhran believes that the deity has given him a divine task – the retreival of an ancient relic from the coastal regions near Porthcrawl. In his dreams, this relic takes the form of crystallised remnants of the First Waters, or “Tears of Heaven” from the first rain in the world. Dagon would surely reward him mightily for the recovery of the First Waters…

He dreams of the siren song of the relic every night. In his waking hours, he sees signs and omens in everything and engages in what he believes is divine prophecy.

Wandering near the border region, he had the profound misfortune to meet a patrol of royalists on the road. The good God-fearing folk imprisoned him as a witch, with the intent to take him to a magistrate to be sentenced and executed. He worries not, and eats the lean porridge they give him happily, for he has dreamt of a calamity that will not end well for the Royalists. Dagon reaches out to him through these strangers. All is as it should be.


Sasha of Riverhead (Spellcaster 2)

Orphan of the war. Traveled as a camp follower with her little brother William for a while before heading off on their own. Life in the company of death took it’s toll on both of them which is her explanation of why they might seem odd or weird.

Circumstance brought them to Porthcrawl as it was where the road lead them. The only reason they stayed was because it was here they met Edwin, and after sharing their food with him he shared his tent with them so they stuck around. Safety in numbers and all, plus having an adult around wouldn’t hurt. She sees the shadow of death in Edwin’s eyes and for some reason it brings her comfort if not trust.


William of Riverhead (Specialist 3)

William looks like a relatively large Teenager with a very grim Face and sharp stare. While looking chubby and slightly mentally challenged he acts very controlled and moves almost perfectly silent.

He almost never leaves the presence of Sasha and seems to follow her Orders for the most Part so as long as she stays with the Group William will too, most likely.
William has a strange obsession with occult Objects and Writings as well as the Ocean and hopes to find more of it.

He came with Sasha to Portcrawl on the look for Riches and Allies.


Parties of heroes tend to attract followers and hirelings, a list of them is provided below:

Barden: A young human boy who once served as an apprentice to the Sage Salazaar, he was recruited to the party after Salazaar’s tower was burnt down. He wears a ridiculously large, floppy hat and seems to have a soft-spot for Sasha.


Inactive/Deceased Members include:

Edwin Locke (Human Warrior 1)

Edwin was a haunted figure who had fought in the war between the Royalists and Parliamentarians, he perished fighting an animated corpse near Salazaar’s tower.





Maarku the Elf (Elf 2)

An enigmatic Elf who lived in Porthcrawl for some time, he disappeared shortly after a dalliance involving the wife of a local innkeeper and has not been seen since. His present whereabouts are unknown.