Rose of Westhaven: Heroes Past & Present

Rose of Westhaven: Heroes Past & Present

Heroes are few and far between in the land of Westhaven, but they are desperately needed.

Main Campaign

Our current party roster consists of:

  • Maarku the Elf (Elf 1)
  • Odhran Moluag (Cleric 1)
  • Sasha of Riverhead (Spellcaster 1)
  • William of Riverhead (Specialist 1)

Parties of heroes tend to attract followers and hirelings, a list of them is provided below:

  • Barden: A young human boy who once served as an apprentice to the Sage Salazaar, he was recruited to the party after Salazaar’s tower was burnt down. He wears a ridiculously large, floppy hat and seems to have a soft-spot for Sasha.

Slain party members include:

  • Edwin Locke (Human Warrior 1): Slain by a risen corpse near the Tower of Salazaar.