Rose of Westhaven: Religion & Faith


In a time of great upheaval, people in Haven cling tenaciously to their faith, numerous sects and different religions spring up on an almost daily basis. Most of the faiths in Haven follow a single divinity referred to simply as God, this does not stop doctrinal differences and the specifics of their faith from causing conflict and violence between the various religions.

Most common people attend whatever the church is in their village, pray regularly and keep the Sabbath day sacred, but leave agonising over religious doctrine to those who can afford to debate it.

Major religions in Haven:

Name Description
Old/Imperial Faith A ritual heavy and traditional faith bought over with the first Goman settlers. This faith once dominated Haven. Currently it has been outlawed following a disagreement between the distant Pope and the Crown, leading to a proclamation from the Crown denouncing the faith and making it illegal to practice.
Church of Haven A Crown-approved replacement from the Imperial Faith that places less doctrine on ritual and views the current Monarch as the head of the Church.

Some of the smaller splinter-sects active in Haven:

Name Description
Levellers A combined religious/political movement espousing the view that the common man will suffer no matter who wins in the conflict between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians. They seek a more egalitarian method of governance.
Puritans An offshoot of the Church of Haven who take the casting off of ritual trappings to an extreme, believing that they distract from the Divine, only pure behaviour can make one worthy of entering Heaven.
Redemptionists An extreme sect who preach that the flesh is evil and the spirit divine. The Church of Redemption believes that all magic is corrupt, its practitioners must be rooted out and cleansed by fire.

Divine Beings

All of the main religions in Haven follow a being variously referred to as God or the Creator, however there are other beings described as divine, these include the Angels that are believed to work as God’s messengers and hands in the mortal world and the various Saints canonised by the Church.

In addition there are some other beings ascribed divine or infernal origins:

Name Other names Description
Aquathea Njordia The patron goddess of sailors. She is the one that keeps the seas calm, winds strong and favourable, and vessels safe. Her symbol is a ship on a flat sea.
Baphomet The Black Goat An ancient demon believed to provide over dark and debauched sacrifices, possibly a corrupted remembrance of ancient pagan deity.
Cern The Antlered God, The Master of the Hunt Thought to be neutral, but often seen to commit both good and evil acts, Cern is worshipped by some woodland beings and druids. Represented as a levitating human with a stag's head, he is always accompanied by his entourage of wolves.
Gabriel The Golden One, the Shining One Favoured servant of the Creator, he is believed to carry the souls of good people to heaven after death.
H'sst Muukal The Slithering God, The Fanged One, He Who Hungers for Hearts Worshipped by the serpentfolk of the Serpentlands. Represented as a white snake with three cerulean eyes.
Kharadon One Thousand Teeth, The Great Shark Often depicted as a single black eye, or a maw filled with razor-sharp teeth, Kharadon is worshipped almost exclusively by the sharkfolk.
Mephistopheles The Dark One, Azazel A dark angel, sometimes depicted in a skeletal form, who collects and punishes the souls of those who have committed evil and wicked deeds in their life.
Mithras The Horned One, Bull-slayer An ancient pagan deity currently worshipped by a number of mystery cults.
Nepthuun The Sea Giant, Poseidolon A mythical giant man who lives under the sea wearing armour made of gloomcrab shell and sharkfolk skin, wearing a trident made of coral. He is said to maintain a balance between the influences of good and evil on and under the sea, taking a neutral stance himself.
Ogg-Thuun Master of the Black Void, The Fell-tusked Beast An evil druidic deity represented by a devil with a boar's head and raven's wings.
Old Hob The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the Fallen One, Beelzebub Variously depicted as a fallen/rebel angel, a demon or the ruler of Hell. Normally referenced in curses or the punishment of sinners, often occupies a similar place to Mephistopheles.
The Green Man Oak King, Old Man Oak, Treefather An ancient figure in folklore who is believed to be ancient, wise and a merciless defender of the natural world. Some believe that this figure is based on an ancient Elf or a corruption of an Elven deity.
The Kraken Enterodoteuthis, The Deepest One, Tangroa-Akan A malevolent monstrous creature venerated as a deity by the more sinister creatures of Havenland and beyond. Represented as two tentacles surrounding an octopoid eye.
The Reaper Grim Reaper, Grimm A walking skeleton wearing a black cloak and carrying a scythe, the Reaper is a personification of death and is believed by some to personally cut the thread of a person's life when their time is done.
Watcher from the Shore Rapanui, Moa Dak A strange deity whose form is that of a head and shoulders only. Large statues are carved in his or her likeness and placed on coastlines to look out for dangers from the sea. Sometimes as many as thirteen of these statues are arranged in a straight or curved line along the coast.

The Old Ones

In addition to the beings already mentioned, there are other creatures that dwell outside the world, their very being seems to bring corruption and madness. Luckily these creatures can only game brief access to the world when helped through by someone on this side, this does little to dissuade deranged individuals from worshipping these monstrosities. Indeed, some of the tribes of Fada Siar are known to worship these beings as gods.

Name Other names Description
Dagon Deepest One, Father Dagon, Mother Hydra An amphibious god with dominion over the waters, his enmity with Yig is thought to represent the clash between water and land.
Glaaki The Inhabitant of the Lake, Lord of Dead Dreams, Dread Karnock A great slug-like being believed to have fallen to earth inside the heart of a shooting star, he is reputed to grant eternal life in return for servitude and dwells below a great lake.
Hastur The Unspeakable, He Who is Not to be Named, Lord of Interstellar Spaces, The King in Yellow, The Peacock King, Zukala-Koth There is some confusion about whether Hastur is an ancient god or a place, recognisable by his sigil the Yellow Sign, Hastur is often portrayed as being more interested in the mortal world than his fellow gods.
Shub-Niggurath The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, The Whisperer in the Darkness A deity of boundless fertility and chaos, this tree-like deity is believed to be the principle deity of the Elves of Fada Siar, it is also believed to be the origin of the word 'Shrub' to describe a tree. It was common worship of this deity that first allowed the Elves and Humans of Fada Siar to find common ground and become allies.
Yig Father of Serpents Yig is believed to have been worshipped long by races long before mankind walked the world.
Yog-Sothoth Aforgomon, Umr at-Tawil Often abbreviated to Soth or Yog, this amorphous deity was believed to be one of the most powerful in the Fada Siar pantheon, it is believed by some that the Goman term 'God' is simply a corruption of the earlier term 'Yog.'

Some of these deities are adapted from writing in the Midderlands OSR campaign and bestiary, no challenge is intended to any copyrights.