Rose of Westhaven: Porthcrawl

Porthcrawl is a small port town on the western coast of Havenland on the border of the two counties Devern and Cernwall, sitting just across the sea from Oldenwale.

The town was originally a small village but grew larger after Lord Drago Harper built himself a permanent home here, after being advised by his family apothecary that the sea air would be beneficial to his ailing health.

A more detailed map of the town can be seen below:

Places of Interest in Porthcrawl

  • Salazaar’s Tower: The once majestic tower of the wise sage Salazaar lies to the north of Porthcrawl, now a smouldering ruin it remains a reminder that there are some forces man should not meddle with.
  • Harper Family Residence: Situated on a hill overlooking the town, the residence of Lord Drago Harper is a large grandiose affair built to house the ailing Lord.
  • The Captain’s House: Home to a retired soldier known locally as The Captain.
  • Town Hall: A meeting and gathering place for those in the town.
  • Siren’s Whisper Tavern: The towns only tavern, run by the gruff Brock and his wife Poppy, serves terrible ale and passable fish stew, it is rumoured that the drink only gets better when smuggled cargo is bought in.
  • Smelly Alley and the Fishmongers: Smelly alley is where most of the fishmongers and fishermen make their living in Porthcrawl, the ripe smell of gutted fish mingles with the everpresent Gloomfog to create an unhealthy air over the street.
  • Mill: A windmill built to take advantage of the coastal breezes, most of the bread found in the area comes from here.
  • Church of Peaceful Repose: A small chapel the hosts the regular services that are a daily part of life in Porthcrawl, once the congregation was lead by Father York, but he perished in the blaze that engulfed Salazaar’s town and now the congregation await a new priest.
  • Boat Warehouse: A locally owned warehouse where fishermen can store their boats and get them repaired, for a price.
  • Peter Berdwell’s House: Peter Berdwell is a retired privateer (some would say pirate) who is treasure trove of nautical lore.

Notable Inhabitants of Porthcrawl

  • Lord Drago Harper: An ill nobleman with a home overlooking the town who moved to the coast for his health.
  • Captain McCormack: Captain of Lord Harper’s household guards and defacto law-keeper in Porthcrawl.
  • Brock: The surley owner of the Siren’s Whisper.
  • Poppy: The red-haired wife of Brock, she seems fascinated with Elves.
  • Salazaar: A sage who once lived to the north of the city until his tower burnt down. Once blackmailed into working for the Royalists, he is now staying at the Siren’s Whisper whilst seeking alternate accommodations.
  • Dhani: The young daughter of Salazaar, recently re-united with her father.
  • Barden: A young boy who once worked as Salazaars apprentice, although a little skittish as first he is slowly coming out of his shell and places great value on his friendship with Sasha of Riverhead.
  • Young Tom: A young village boy who fishes to support his ill mother after his father died in the war.
  • Jaspar Gresham: A middle-aged Gloombugger who lives on the outskirts of the town, although he is most often found wandering the nearby moors capturing Gloombugs, he has a great knowledge of local tales and loves to share them over a drink and a bit of smoked sausage.
  • Gregory Haye: Known locally as “The Captain”, Haye is a retired soldier living on the northern edge of town.
  • Peter Berdwell: A retired privateer living on the southern edge of the town.
  • Thackeray West: Although not a resident of the town proper, Old Thackeray lives in the Beacon lighthouse just to the south of town and sometimes travels to Porthcrawl to buy provisions.


  • Father York (deceased): Once the town priest, Father York was a young man who lost a child during the war but dedicated his life to God rather than seeking revenge. During the incident that lead to the destruction of Salazaar’s Tower, Father York was accidentally shot by Edwin Locke and killed. His body was recovered and buried in the churchyard under his favourite oak tree by the townsfolk.