Rose of Westhaven: Map

The world of our campaign is based on a fantasy version of Tudor Britain and Ireland, luckily for me the excellent Midderlands OSR Bestiary and Setting from Monkeyblood Design has been created with a similar idea of a fantasy version of Britain and Ireland, in-fact it dovetails so well with what we’ve already established in our campaign that I’m going to be using a lot of it.

Glynn Seal from Monkeyblood was kind enough to provide me with low-res versions of the map from the Midderlands book, depicting the Midlands of England and also a low-res version of the upcoming expanded book map that shows the whole of the Havenlands. Thanks very much Glynn 🙂

You can see the maps below:


The central part of Havenland is known as the Midlands or the Midderlands, below is a more detailed map of this region:

Our campaign began near a port named Porthcrawl that grew up around the holiday home of Lord Drago Harper, who was advised to take the sea air to help with his ill-health. The village current subsists mostly on fishing, although–as taxes have been raised to ridiculous levels to finance the Civil War and conflicts abroad–it has become an open secret that many locals profit from smuggling.

The location of Porthcrawl is roughly where the seaside town of Westward Ho is situated in the real-world. Although Westward Ho wasn’t founded until some time around 1865 in our game we posit an earlier town that is struggling to survive in the current climate of hostility.