Rose of Westhaven #9: The Stones of Dertmoor

IC date: 22.09.1540

  • The heroes travel to Dertmoor.
  • On the way they stop and hire Jaspar the Gloombugger 1 to guide them through the treacherous, swampy, moorland of Dertmoor.
  • During their evening’s rest, their young assistant Barden is nearly lured to his doom in a swampy pool but the flickering light of a Hob’s lantern.
  • The party pull together and are able to rescue him.
  • Arriving at the henge, they find seven large standing stones, however–when viewed through a lens–there appear to be eight.
  • Those entering the circle feel a strange compulsion to touch each of the stones, counting them as they do so.
  • Sasha and Odhran are overcome by this compulsion, although William is able to resist it.
  • Entering the centre of the circle they have a strange vision of a horrendous entity, a human-like figure seemingly made of living scrolls, emerging from the circle and enslaving the will of the world.
  • William recognises the entity as a demon called the Lord of Words 2.
  • The heroes speculate that the circle might be some form of binding that requires regular renewal to prevent the demon emerging.
  • Returning to Lord Drago, he reveals that–during his original excursions through the area–he counted the stones and is regularly compelled to go back there and repeat the action.
  • It is taking a great toll on his health and he offers to reward the heroes handsomely if they can find a way to free him from his compulsion whilst keeping the creature that haunts his dreams firmly sealed inside the circle.
  • The party agrees to investigate further and–in return–are able to secure permission to officially explore the burial catacombs below the church, warning Lord Drago that the creatures they encountered their may pose a threat to Porthcrawl.

  1. Gloombuggers are odd figures who live on the fringes of civilised society, they collected the firefly-like Gloombugs, trapping them in jars to sell as lanterns. Most of them live isolated lives near the marshy terrain that the Gloombugs prefer, this can result in them becoming somewhat eccentric. 
  2. William has identified the Lord of Words as a powerful demon that seeks to control and subjugate people in this world, how he came by that information has not been revealed.