Rose of Westhaven #8: The Murklocks

IC date: 20.09.1540

  • The heroes are escorted to an audience with Lord Drago Harper by the captain of his guard.
  • Lord Drago lives in a large house on a hill over-looking Porthcrawl.
  • He is a sickly, grey-skinned man who has a slightly nervous air to him.
  • Drago explains that he wishes to hire the party, but that before he can do so he requires them to perform a task (for which they will also be compensated).
  • Lord Drago insists that the party travel to nearby Dertmoor to inspect a circle of stones there.
  • He is also adamant that they view the stones through a lens and that they count the stones.
  • Before travelling to Dertmoor the heroes decide to explore the burial catacombs below the Church of Peaceful Repose.
  • They find that the catacombs lead to natural caverns, where they encounter and kill some strangely mutated cannibalistic humanoids.