Rose of Westhaven #6: The Lost Temple

IC Date: 15.09.1540

  • @”Odhran Moluag” believes the temple they are exploring is the resting place of a holy relic that he has seen in his visions.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” notices cysts or pustules dotted around the wall, containing a greeny fluid with shadows inside them.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” reveals that he is a city Elf, having spent more time around humans and has never been in a temple like this before, although he knows it is traditional for such places to be decorated with carvings telling stories and legends.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” gives one of his 10′ poles to @”Maarku The Elf”.
    After discussions about lanterns, @”Sasha Of Riverhead” douses her lantern leaving only @”Maarku The Elf” with a lantern on.
  • @”Sasha Of Riverhead” takes a few minutes to reload 3 pistols.
    As they move into the next chamber @”Maarku The Elf” can see faded scenes carved into the walls, they depict a luminous figure creating the first Elves from ancient trees.The scenes remind @”Maarku The Elf” of the ancient creation legends of his people, believing they were created from the natural parts of the world.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” wonders if this legend refers to the myth of the first Elf, he finds an inscription that seems to say “The maker of all things creates us from the world so we may always remember our place in it and our duty.”
  • There are discarded bits of bone and meat littered around in the room.
  • Looking around @”William Of Riverhead” finds a decayed reed pouch containing 2 sets of Elven carving (specialist) tools.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” looks at the tools as says they are particularly fine, he hasn’t seen anything like them since he was harm. @”William Of Riverhead” gives the tools to @”Maarku The Elf” since he has no use for them.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” looks down two tunnels, down one he sees a vine covered wooden door, there is a skeleton tangled in vines at the base of the door.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” taps on the door with the 10′ pole, after a few minutes nothing unexpected has happen. @”William Of Riverhead” examines the door, but finds nothing untoward.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” realises there is more than one skeleton under the vines and says that he believes they should be destroyed.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” and @”William Of Riverhead” shatter the skulls of the skeletons with their poles.
    They realise that the skeletons are not bone but are made of silver birch wood.
    The group take two swords from the Elven corpses and two suits of leather armour that needs a bit of repairing.
  • @”Odhran Moluag” takes a sample of the spongy moss from the walls, it feels unpleasant and sticky, smelling of rot and corruption. He feels something move within one of the pustules on the wall.
  • @”Odhran Moluag” says he thinks the temple is alive, and that by Dagon’s wisdom he believes the walls are filled with the fluid of life.
  • @”Odhran Moluag” believes that Dagon has sent them here to retrieve the Tears of Heaven, echoes of the first rain that bestow eternal life.
  • @”Sasha Of Riverhead” says she has heard a tale about the Elves worshipping a wooden demon, @”Odhran Moluag” says they are lies by men and their small god.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” tries to open the door but is unsuccessful, @”Odhran Moluag” steps up and breaks the door off its hinges.
  • @”Odhran Moluag” can see the edge of a pool on the boundary of their lantern light, as @”Maarku The Elf” steps in with the lantern they can see the water looks oily and unhealthy.
  • There is a faint floral smell similar to Elven blood in the chamber.
  • @”Sasha Of Riverhead” pockets an Elven skull.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” tries to skirt around the pool and a huge mound of rotting vegetation lashing out with viny tendrils bursts from the water.
  • As @”Maarku The Elf” withdraws with the lantern, a viny tendril grabs @”Odhran Moluag” leg and drags him into the darkness.
    @”Sasha Of Riverhead” lights her lantern and shines it towards @”Odhran Moluag” , the creature hasn’t moved but has lashed out with a tendril.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” attempts to shoot the vine dragging @”Odhran Moluag” but accidentally hits his aly. @”Odhran Moluag” slumps to the floor unconscious.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” runs in and attempts to cut the vine, but he doesn’t manage to free his ally.
  • @”Sasha Of Riverhead” runs in and stabs the mound, hacking off some of the vegetable mass, causing it to release @”Odhran Moluag”.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” grabs the unconscious @”Odhran Moluag” and starts dragging his unconscious body away from the shambling mound.
  • The creature smashes @”Sasha Of Riverhead” into a wall with it’s tendrils causing her to pass out and her lantern to break.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” runs over to @”Sasha Of Riverhead” and drags her unconscious body from the chamber.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” drags @”Odhran Moluag” out of the cavern.
  • The party withdraws to the first chamber where they entered the Temple and camp there for a day, waiting for their companions to recover.
  • @”Sasha Of Riverhead” and @”Odhran Moluag” wake up, the priest sings a rhyme about the passing of rains and heals @”Sasha Of Riverhead” using the power of Dagon.
  • @”Odhran Moluag” reveals he can’t heal himself until another day has passed. @”William Of Riverhead” says they can’t afford to delay since they don’t know when more ^”Royalists” will arrive, @”Sasha Of Riverhead” wants to return to #”Porthcrawl”.
  • Eventually they agree to (carefully) proceed.
  • @”Sasha Of Riverhead” ponders that if–as @”Odhran Moluag” says–the whole Temple is alive, it may be one creature and may know they’ve attacked it.
  • As @”Maarku The Elf” moves ahead with the lantern they find a chamber with an overgrown table and chairs, amongst the moss and veins is another Elven skeleton.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” sees some Elven scrolls on the desk and passes them over to @”Maarku The Elf”.
  • One of the scrolls is written in common and says “–not what we suspected, Shalana tells us–creature–discovered in depths–holy–servant of Shi’Nirath–this thing is holy–what else have they lied to us about?
  • Cannot let–doubts show–common tongue–do not speak–keeps them purer.”
  • There is a statue of an Elf in long robes at the far end of the chamber.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” asks if anyone knows anything about #”Shi’Narath” , @”Odhran Moluag” believes it may be the first elf and sounds a little like #”Shub-Niggurath” one of the Old Ones, but that may be coincidence.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” pokes around the tattered robes of the skeleton and finds a small silver acorn necklace that he takes.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” reads the scrolls in Elven, they are divine scrolls containing a spell of sanctuary and the other contains a spell of protection from plant monsters.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” agrees to translate the scrolls for @”Odhran Moluag” so that the priests can use them.
  • @”Maarku The Elf”‘s lantern begins to flicker.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” ponders if the plant creature they faced is a corrupted member of his kind or a defender of the temple overcome by corruption.
  • The party debates approaching the statue, wary lest it be part of the Temple’s defence mechanisms.
  • @”Maarku The Elf” taps the statue with the pole and it begins to animate, it stops when the pole is removed. @”Odhran Moluag” senses a flicker of the divine.
  • @”Odhran Moluag” tells @”Maarku The Elf” to do it again, when touched the statue animates and begins speaking.
  • It says “If you are hearing this message I have left then it is quite possible the corruption has reached this holy place and I have fallen, I speak in the language of the barbarian tribes since those coirrupted do not speak it believing it will damage their purity. I speak it now so they will not know it, I am @”Tariel” high priest of this place, we found something below this place we believed to be sent by our god. Our high priest was corrupted, those of us who remained free tried to trap the taint here, if you are hearing this, then we failed.”
  • They move onwards into what appears to be some sort of pantry, full of rotting foodstuffs. They can hear voices from further down the passageway in common talking about finding nothing here, slowly they withdraw.
  • From the other passageway they hear a voice shout in response that they’ve found some stuff in their chamber.
  • As @”William Of Riverhead” sneeks into this chamber, he sees a human bandit ransacking the chamber.
  • They eventually discover that the two voices are bandits who are robbing the Temple and have found some gemstones, after @”Sasha Of Riverhead” introduces herself (pretending to be a lost child) she discovers one of the bandits was also on the ^”Royalists” prison cart with @”Odhran Moluag”.
  • The group is able to seperate the bandits, killing one and taking the other hostage, also discovering the second entrance that the bandits used to enter the Temple.
  • They are attacked by 2 other–previously unseen–bandits but finish them all off.
  • @”William Of Riverhead” examines a statue in the chamber and finds it is wearing suit of dark brown/black leather, the inscriptions on it read “The Shadow Armour of Shalanna”, he takes and wears it, the suits re-sizing magically to fit him.
  • @”Odhran Moluag” kills the final bandit with his cudgel as a sacrifice to #”Dagon”.
  • With @”Odhran Moluag”‘s strength failing they decide to withdraw and use the entrance revealed by the bandits.