Rose of Westhaven #16: Below the Surface

IC date: Wednesday 20th of October 1540

  • Having arrive in Blymouth, the Locke Adventuring Company head straight to the central market square and begin looking for likely trading opportunities.
  • They are approached by a scruffy young woman selling small goat skulls on sticks as good-luck charms, Sasha buys a few and–after speaking to the young woman–is told that apparently most people get off the streets before nightfall due to the large cats that range down from the Dertmoor and roam the city.
  • Madok is unimpressed by talk of hiding from cats.
  • The young woman recommends they secure lodgings and then do their trading.
  • Following her advice they head to the docks and seek lodgings at the Crimson Maiden tavern.
  • Moored in the docks is a ship with the same name that belongs to Captain Morgan, although it is currently under heavy guard by Duke Salt’s well-armoured men.
  • Sasha secures the services of a young woman from Jenny (Madam of the establishment) to entertain Odhran whilst the rest of them go shopping.

  • Odhran is relaxing with Argelia after their exertions when she warns him in hushed tones that he needs to get away from the Crimson Maiden.

  • Seeing the confused expression on Odhran’s face she explains that a cult of people “disappear” lonely patrons of the establishment, the madam of the inn Jenny is forced to allow them to operate here since they hold heavy debts over her head and have threatened the health of her girls should she reveal their presence.
  • Odhran swears to allows no harm to come to the girl and realises they are being watched from behind the eyes of a portrait.
  • Wasting no time Odhran barrels through the portrait into a hidden passageway beyond and engages the two cultists, but he is stabbed by a poisoned dagger and feels drowsiness begin to take him.
  • In desperation Odhran calls on Dagon for succour and is rewarded when a flood of sea water rushes into the passageway and one of the avatars of Dagon, Nodens appears, angry that Odhran has called on his patron in a moment of weakness.
  • Nodens charges Odhran with a quest to prove his wortrhiness, removes the effect of the poison with a wave of his hand and forces Odhran’s head underwater.

  • When Odhran surfaces he is no longer in the buildings, but is swimming off the docks outside, some of the nearby guard spot him and haul the Oldenwale priest from the water.

  • Meeting up with the rest of the Company he explains what has happened.
  • Sasha heads back into the inn and finds out that the young woman Odhran spent time with has been slain, and the blame pinned on their savage priest.
  • Sasha is able to use her–previously hidden–noble heritage to persuade the guard to wait a day before filing their report, giving them time to catch the real cuplrit.
  • Talking to Jenny, she tells them in whispered tones that the cultists are in caverns below the inn and how to reach them through a trapdoor in the cellar.

  • Next day the Company returns, promising to free Jenny from the yoke of her oppressors/.

  • Venturing down into the caverns they are swamped by cultists, lead by a strange priest who calls divine powers to aid his followers in the name of Manaanan.
  • As the members of the Company seem to be pushing the cultists back, the priest utters a strange chant and heavy footfalls are heard from the southern cave.
  • A blue, finned humanoid mounts the steps, holding a bronze trident, he points at the Company and in a deep voice growls,. “All unbelievers will perish.”
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