Rose of Westhaven #14: Blood is Thicker than Water

IC date: Sunday 17th October 1540

Two days earlier…

  • William explains he was summoned in his demonic form by Lady Julianna Harper.
  • She explained that she needed an ally to kill her brother Oscar Harper so she could assume leadership of the Harper family.
  • In return she would help William gain control of some more of his demonic powers.
  • He demonstrates his ability to control rats as an example.

  • Madok is confused (but resigned) when William reveals he’s a demon bound in a human for

  • William explains about how he became bound in a human body and that Lady Julianna now has the book that his spirit was once bound in.

  • Dhana the daughter of Salazaar arrives to check on Odhrans herbal studies, her father can’t make it since he’s preparing for a visiting body of academics, including Corbin Thorne, the one-time evil master of Sasha.

Present day…

  • Sasha has been helping Madok settle in.
  • Odhra & William contact them to inform them that Captain Hayes has left them his house in his will and a sum of money each.

  • Following the death of Draco his son (Oscar) and daughter (Julianna) arrive in Porthcrawl, Oscar Harper is to become the new Lord of Porthcrawl after the funeral of his father.

  • The Church of Peaceful Repose is being prepared by the new priest Archdeacon Valentine Maine for the funeral.
  • People line the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the funeral procession.

  • Sasha wants to make a memorial statue of the group’s founder Edwin Locke whilst William wants to hire some people to protect their territory.

  • He also wants to hire the spy Wulsi Halley.

  • There is a knock at the door, it is Alf Dunnom who has bought them a haunch of salted meat to thank them for their help with Poppy.

  • Alf tells them he’s selling booze to people watching the party, Madok arranges to pick up a keg of ale from Alf.

  • The church bells begin to toll to protend the start of the funeral procession.

  • Sasha tells Odhran that he shouldn’t be going to the funeral wearing all of his Dagonite jewellery.
  • It is raining outside, something that bring comfort to the sulking Odhran, he cheers up a bit, believing the Lord of Waters is watching over them.
  • Heading out onto the street they can see the procession in the distance snaking from the Harper Estate down to the church.
  • Madok picks up his ale from Alf.

  • The procession is accompanied by guards wearing the emblem of the white rose and a tall knight also wearing the same regalia.

  • William is about to tell Sasha that they need to kill Oscar (as part of his deal with Julianna) when a group of roundhead rebels attack the funeral processions..
  • Seizing an opportunity to take-out Oscar, William hides in the panicked crowd and–after aiming–shoots Oscar dead with a single, accurate crossbow bolt.
  • Lady Julianna seems inconsable but the tall knight (Richard of Yorke) demands his guards take her to safety whilst they engage the vagabonds.
  • Captain McCormack is injured by a thrown dagger.

  • A swirling melee erupts, with the last of the bandits being slain by Madok and Richard of Yorke.

  • Richard thanks Madok and tells the Dwarf that he has earned himself a friend–should he ever need it–in the House of Yorke.
  • Sasha uses her magic to read the mind of Julianna and confirms that her floods of tears are a–very convincing–act.
  • Lady Julianna is taken back to the Harper Estate.
  • Richard thanks the Locke Adventuring Company for their aid.

  • Odhran and Madok have a slightly confused conversation about Westhaven funeral rites, neither of them entirely understanding the principle as they both tuck into the ale that the Dwarf has strapped to his back.

  • William heads to smelly alley and talks to Ian Gringold an ex-sailor who now sells tobacco, he agrees to hire some likely looking sailors to serve as guards for the Locke Adventuring Company, saying that he’ll send them up their new base of operations.

  • The rest of the group go to Maarku’s old house.
  • Whilst searching for the deeds to the house they hear strange rumbling noises from the tunnel below the house, Sasha warns Madok not to go down there.
  • Madok identifies the sound as tumbling stone and masonry.
  • A huge green claw bursts from the ground, grabbing Sasha and pulling her down into the darkness just as William rejoins them.
  • Madok leaps down into the tunnel and sees a hideously mutated green Gloomcrab holding Sasha in a mighty claw.

  • The Locke Adventuring Company engages the Gloomcrabs, Odhran recognises it as the mutated Dagonite cleric from below Innsmouth.

  • Calling on the power of Dagon, Odhran crushes the creature with his might fish-cudgel, it dies cursing his name.

  • The Lock Adventuring Company–seeing that the way through the tunnel has been collapsed by the Gloomcrab–retreat back up into the house of Maarku.

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