Rose of Westhaven #12: The Quiet Place

IC date: 01.10.1540

  • Travelling south to the Aven Forest, William and Odhran place the two silver fish into one of the many small streams and follow them through the chaotic jumble of trees to a small clearing.
  • In the clearing sits a huge oak tree with the Golden Mycenae growing from it’s trunk.
  • Meanwhile–back in Porthcrawl–Sasha tosses and turns in a fever-induced slumber, tormented by dreams of the Lord of Words breaking free of it’s confinement in the Dertmoor stone circle and wreaking havoc.
  • William and Odhran are challenged by a disembodied voice that eventually reveals itself to be the tree, actually an ancient guardian of the forest who claims to have been old when demons (William’s kind) first walked the earth, Odhran believes it to be some sort of forest god.
  • After some discussion, the ancient Ent agrees to give them the fungus if they agree to plant an acorn that it gives them in Porthcrawl when they return. William takes the acorn and swears to do so on his True Name, Atramos.
  • Returning to Porthcrawl, they give the Golden Mycenae to Salazaar who uses it to make a remedy that they all partake in.
  • William–having felt the warmth emanating from the magical acorn–gives it to Sasha in the hope it will comfort her and they all try to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Waking in the morning they are shocked to discover that Sasha–although completely healed and feeling better than ever–now has a strange greenish tinge to her skin.
  • They are considering what to do next when one of Lord Harper’s guards runs in looking for his Captain, he says that there is smoke pouring out from Smelly Alley, the old abandoned Mill, the Church of Peaceful Repose and the Siren’s Whisper tavern.
  • Heading to the tavern they encounter the innkeeper Brock carrying his wife out, he explains the smoke is coming from the cellar but there doesn’t appear to be a fire.
  • Moving on to the church they enter the catacombs where they encounter Captain McCormack and a unit of his men. Apparently tired of waiting for the three of them, McCormack decided to enact the plan to smoke out the rats, carrying hay bales into their warren and setting them alight, the resultant smoke has escaped from places where the rat tunnels broke the surface.
  • Captain McCormack is on his way out having lost several of his men. William, Odhran and Sasha press forward into the caverns exploring them and finding evidence of Dwarven mining (in the form of a miner’s skeleton) and activity from strange fish-like humanoids.
  • From the bones of the deformed fish-like humanoid Odhran took a golden necklace bearing the symbol of Dagon, it felt strangely familiar and comforting to him. Sasha took a journal from the Dwarven corpse and–as they walked–was able to piece some of it together with her rudimentary knowledge of dwarven. It appeared to be the journal of a miner engaged in an attempt to mine a strange green ore, but it seems as though the ore caused a sickness in the Dwarves, mutating plants and animals. When he died the miner was fleeing from giant mutated rats.
  • The group encountered a few of the giant mushroom rats that they were able to deal with, but it seems as thought the majority had fled from the smoke.